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  • indian8788 indian8788 Apr 1, 2012 10:08 PM Flag

    my opinion on Frobes Article

    Hi vinya,

    You are 100% correct that my whole investing thesis revolves from finding great companies with great products and great leadership and having patience with them(warren Buffet esque).

    Warren Buffett may have had "great eye" on stocks but what people don;t realize is that the special ingredient was patience that made it all work out. Warren Buffett was not Warren Buffett until AFER he became loaded, so his stock picks didn't move stocks unitl AFTER he got wealthy. His good eye along with tremendous patience made him wealthy.

    Now to address your first point. Buying and holding is not dead. CNBC(which came after Buffet was already great) has brainwashed this idea into peole that the market is meant to be traded day in and day out as if this is a game of blackjack. False. The market is no different that it was 30 years ago, the mindset of the majority of the players is. But buying and holding isn't dead. When you buy a stock you buy a business. You say it would not be prudent to hold this company for two years as your money could be used elsewhere. I implore you to show you me another stock offering one the oppurtunity today to buy into an already established and fast growing popular brand at a projected return on one's investment today in two years from now of 15.5%+. I can't find one. This is what Warren Buffett invested in. Comapnies he understood and things people would want year in and year out. Bingo.

    Now is there maniulation? I believe that wall street players play a game called kill the stupid retail investor. The one who uses to much margin. We will get his shares on the chea as he will be forced to sell it low becaue he was playing with money he didn't have, and we will take his shares on the cheap. This is not new. This has been going on forever. Is it manipulation? Yes and no. If one sees how a game is played, and then goes ahead and plays the game in a way he saw would make him vulnerable, is he not sort of asking for it? No it isn;t fair, but we are not arguing about that. The market is the way it is and has been like this forever. You and I are not going to change it. We can play the game smartly though, learn from the tricks the big money plays, and profit from it.

    Insider sales have never bothered me. These guys still own plenty of shares. You have to understand these guys are CEO's and executives, not investors. I know, you would think they would know more about the value of their company being on the inside, but not as much as you might think. They are cororate. Their job revolves around other things besides quantifying the value of individual companies. They also have bills like the rest of us. Bigger lifestyles, bigger bills. They are no different than us. They sell at bad prices just like the rest of us.


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