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  • window87737737 window87737737 Apr 18, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    if DECK was ultra smart

    they saved the 100 mil buyback for after earnings!

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    • Hey you guys. No fighting lol. Ok, we all get a bit upset from time to time.

      We can all agree DECK is a screaming buy.

      Window, I suggest you take a look at the long term charts of DECK,COH,EBIX, AAPL, ISRG, PCP, you name it.....there are tons of secular growth stocks. Yes, buy and turnover.

    • It shouldn;t have to come to ingore. I don;t believe you require the ignore button. I think you have a lot to contribute as a fellow long and investor, but the whining is not helping either one of us. Not me because I have to read it. Not you because it is not helping your mental state none whatsoever. Try to relax. Keep reminding yourself of the numbers and how short term pain is a necessary evil in this game and try to have some fun. Otherwise you are in the wrong business if you can;t undertand that 99.9% of investors all go through this game. Most people sell at the bottom and buy att he top. Maybe you didn;t get the bottom as either did I(AVG share of 72.50) but we both know this comapny is going to nearly double their profits in the next 3 years, so we defintiely didn;t hit the all-time top yet either. So realx and shut the **** up


    • you sound like my mother in law. instead of whining like a girl about my posts, just put me on ignore. if nothing i've had to say makes sense to you, then yahoo has an ignore feature -- use it. don't post like a little girl telling me to shut up because i'm not making sense to you.

      in fact, let me put you on ignore to show you how its done. i suggest you do the same.

    • Thank god for Peter Lynch!


    • Why is that?? After earnings it will be above 70 for good! I hope mgmt took some advantage of the dirt cheap shares.

      I am all for mgmt spending there money now on buying all the shares they can. They should increase the size of the buyback.

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