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  • gippersnacks gippersnacks May 2, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    SEC needs to investigate the guy from seeking alpha

    "All in all, Seeking Alfalfa is garbage. I'm amazed it has survived and that anyone even reads the crap posted there. I will admit there is the occasional writer with merit, but sadly those authors get lost in the barrage of garbage."

    They did call the ball on DECK! Longs and analysts had blinders on and got their pocketbooks and reputations roasted.

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    • More like they caused the fall. Small cap manipulation is just part of the game. Shorts never make as much money.....all those ordinary income taxes. Trust me I should know lol.

      I'm sitting on an 800% gain in Apple since 2005 with a cost basis of 66 bucks, ISRG up 130% and DECK is still up 66% percent since I bought it. Key is low turnover. Let your winners run. Short term, Seeking Alpha can play with a stock but long term compound interest is your friend.

      Read this. Even random picks held long enough blow away the S&P 500.

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      • Very interesting experiment about buying and holding. I need to do more of that but it's just so hard! What people need to realize about Seeking Alpha is that it is just a forum for people to give their opinion. You will have bashers and pumpers writing about the same stock on the same day. Seeking Alpha is not at fault. The idiots who buy or sell based on the article that they just read 10 minutes ago are the ones at fault. That being said, I think Deckers will go back up over time (minimum of one year, probably more), but I probably won't hold my position long enough to see it through. Good luck to all!

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