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  • indian8788 indian8788 Sep 18, 2012 12:45 PM Flag


    For those who are long term investors, you ACTUALLY want this to happne. Angelo Martinez said they were planning on buying back another $200M shares back over the rest of the year. Now as an investor, you don't want those shares being bought at $50/share when they can be bought at $43. I have no problem with this action and neither should those with a brain and some patience. The company is in the process of a buyback. Buying back $200M worth of shares at nearly 3 year lows; all I can say is thanks. This is a gift to be able to buy back this low. Most companies buy back way too high.


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    • Indian are you serious???? If what you are saying is true, then you should be really happy over the next few weeks and months.
      I'm sorry for your loss and pain but no lucid investor owns a stock and hopes the price drops just so the company can buy back shares at a lower price. By the way did you notice that the cash position dropped by 35%?

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      • H_pinkerton, I didn;t even notice this post until it was brought up again. No lucid investor wishes his stock to go down iif only to buy-back shares??? You're absolutely right I guess. Most peole think like that and most people(99%) are notoriously horrible investors. I'm not the guy who buys just begging for a stock to go up. When I buy, I buy into a company knowing I plan on sticking around for a long time and to continue to grab shares at cheap prices. You only need to be invested in 1 or two companies to change your life.

        For me, I did not wish the stock to go down when I initally invested. But once the first buy-back was initiated, I didn;t wish the stock to rise up. Once the second 200M was initiated, I hoed we would stay leve. But being that I am an investor who gets excited when companies I've run the numbers on get even cheaper, with Deckers instituting the buy-back, I did/do not mind the stock going down or lower becaue 1)I am not finished fully investing in this company and as long as it stays cheap with the knwledge that I have I will buy and 2)the buy-back is not finished and I act like I own the business's I invest in so its OUR money that we are using to buy low.

        So all in all, its all about perspective. I did not WISH the stock to go down, but it did. I don't cry or sell-out just becaue we sold off, I get greedy. Just like DECKERS did with the buy-back. That was a Get greedy while we're cheap move. Smart management.


    • Indian...

      I am not trying to kick you when you are down. Far from it. I just can not understand why you would cling to a stock that is clearly in decline. I know, I see value and the market is wrong. Clearly, there are issues at Deckers. We ALL make mistake. I have made a ton. I think some critical analysis is needed here. One of the greatest mistakes an investor can make is not admitting when they made a mistake. Of all the retail stocks out there....this one has the best future? I know you have done well with UA, but that is clearly a superior company by any metric (besides valuation). I would strongly advise you at least buy puts. Good luck...I hope this one turns around for you.

    • I'm sure management figure September would be "attack time"....they are buying at bargain basement pricing today.

    • bump!

    • Yep, this is what I've been saying all along. Management should buy as cheaply as possible. Most companies do overpay for their own stock.

    • Definitely a manipulated stock. I mean really, 49.50 last Friday, 2 days later 43.50. Just pure stock manipulation by some fund or funds. The SEC is a joke, allowing this to happen over and over again. You may be right on the buyback, but this is not an investable stock. Huge moves everyday, only makes for a day trading stock that is greatly manipulated, and if you are not in the know for the day, you get burned on this stock. Nothing from management, to suggest positive moves. DECK was probably the buyer on Friday driving up stock price, and today no buyers just sellers. Shorts control this stock, and have for quite some time.

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