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  • indian8788 indian8788 Oct 26, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    Until buybacks are done

    I'm thankful for the drop in price.
    Makes my earnigns per share worth so much more more ina few years from now. Longer term picture makes everything cleaerer. 16% drop is noise. This is a profitable, innovative, company and those who know to invest in good companies with great products when they are down will be beyond wealthy in a few years from now if they play it right. Give me a better company that is more undervalued and profitable than this company right now.



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    • Idiot. What does it have to trade down to until you realize management stinks? $5??? You've been had. Plain and simple.

    • Clearly 99% of the board does not look at the long-term prospects. I believe the company should buy as many shares as possible at this level. Last year was the 4th warmest Winter on record, dating back to the 1890's.

      I talked to my co-worker about the UGG brand today and she said she was excited about the new styles out there. When I asked her if they were still "in", she most definitely agreed. She is in her 30's.

      I also talked to another lady that said she could not afford UGG boots but wished she could. She said the boots would always be in style.

    • I'll bite Indian....First based upon your line of thinking, my biggest loser in my holdings is HPQ which is down about 40% from where I purchased it. I happen to like the company even though they are faced with many problems right now. That being said, I wouldn't buy more and fortunately I diversify to a large degree which has served me well.

      As for maybe not better but great companies that I think have a higher potential long term, I like and own CAT, IBM, EMR. All big names but well managed companies that will face global turbulence but in the long term will be huge winners in my opinion.

      With money that I set aside to take a little more risk, Dupont (DD) just got hit with a bad quarter and dropped but pays a decent dividend and could be a good long term play. I would buy but own a pretty good slug of MON. Then in footwear retail, I think DSW is a great play as they are in my opinion one of the best retailers around. I sell to them and guarantee they require such good deals that their margins are like gold.

      If you are at all into very high risk stocks where you would invest maybe 1% of your holdings, I have been watching OPKO (OPK) which is a pharma type company with some interesting things going on. I have never owned it but may dip my toe if it drops but only with money that I can afford to lose.

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      • H-Pinkerton, I gave you your due credit when you called the initial drop and I give you the due credit for getting it right again. I don't like to be down money but honestly, you can make money being right now(over the course of the last year, I hope you did as this has been one of the greatest calls by anyone I've seen desite my arguements to the contrary) but I believe 5-10 years out I will be handsomely rewarded as well, even more so than you have if you were this past year.

        Now the stocks you mentioned really don't hold a candle to the potentail value in DECK. IBM, Dupont, HPQ?

        I'll takcle HPQ head on as that company has been so far behind EVERYTHING in a space where if you miss one step, you're dead. Terrible managemnt and strategy. That is a lemon and is only headed in one direction; down.

        IBM, Dupont, CAT will pay you a nice dividend, but in my opinion so will buying a 10 year bond for much less risk. Those are not great stocks to be invested in for the average person; those are for the guys with millions in the bank and want some healthy dividends from goliath comanies.

        I respect the call you made but the companies you mention don't hold a candle to the supressed value and future groth ahead for DECK and I do believe that you know what I am saying. As for DECK going to $5 according to the other erson, it absolutely can. I don't believe bottoms can be called and I do believe stocks go where nobdy believes they can go as that is the nature of the market and certain startegies by certain big layers. But it doesn't mean I have to sell low because it went down, I can buy more at those lower levels.

        Companies that went really low in 2008, thoe who bought thoe gems when they were down desite all the screaming chickens are much wealthier and living the life now.

        5-10 years, thats me.


      • PS on OPKO what first caught my eye is that there are 115 insider buys and no sells. I wouldn't base a decision solely on that but there aren't that many small companies where the insiders seem to be so confident.

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