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  • american_chariot american_chariot Oct 31, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    Just for comparison sake...

    Compare the fundamentals of DECK v. VERA!

    Interesting valuation comparisons...imo!

    PS: Pay close attention to market-cap! Short-interest!

    PSS: IMO, Deck needs to sell the Co. here, and the CEO needs to be flogged! The brand is being tarnished for no good reason, and the CEO can't even refute the notion that "Uggs are dead", when I know they are not!

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    • Uggs need to do buy one get second for 50%!
      Too friggin expensive and management need to get their head out of their #$%$.

    • Also, what has the CEO given us but 1) false hope, with his under-water-big-time open-market purchase at $46, thus fooling at least myself that there was a floor around that price---WRONG!

      2) No positive caveat to this last disaster-call! Good CEO's always have something up their sleeve to put-down on the table, if only a bit of a bluff, to temper the maelstrom. All Angel did was reinforce his cluelessness. What folly to talk of building a $30-million dollar HQ, buying-back stock way-over-priced, and then whimper that "he/they aren't where they want to be right now", which is soft-speak for "we're sucking"...but at least some CEO's have some ammo to un-leash with their terrible news! This guy has nothing positive to say, period!

      Scary management guiding this ship...think another executive team could be doing a much better job!

      All imo, and no personal offense to the "personhood of Angel", but rather, "Angel the CEO of DECK", there's my beef, not with the family man, but with the head-dude at HQ!

      Beaching and venting, but still holding, if only for a better exit!

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