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  • checking_here checking_here Oct 31, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    My target is still $22..lot more to FALLLLLLLLLLLL

    that is given..

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    • I didn't believe it 'til now, watching how it trades...seeing all the huge head-winds: $1/2 billion in inventory! That's massive product to work through, and kills any chance of new order-through! Over 40% short-interest and perfectly played! Buying back stock at twice the current PPS; Having the arrogance to build a $30-million dollar new HQ! CEO scratching his but, and way-over-paying for everything! In fact, what kind of CEO is this, missing estimates x4 in row, reducing guidance every-time! Buying $10k on the open-market at $46, drawing in the un-suspecting, including me! (logically, one wonders why the CEO would put-in so much of his own money if he didn't know better? But we learn that he's a D/A CEO! Note, not saying he's not a "good-decent person" just a D/A CEO! All the while, the whole Co.'s worth lies in selling a "fad-product to tweens" seasonally! Almost makes you want to laugh with scorn, b/c it sounds like such a DUMB-O investment thesis!

      Really the question is, how could this NOT go to $22?

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