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  • indian8788 indian8788 Nov 20, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    believe it

    Parkchari you clown! The buyback is STILL GOING ON so yes with hindsight I think the buy-back is good. I am hapy a buyback was initiated. Does it stink that it was initiated at 72 and we are now at 34? Of course you fool but only an idiot would argue about something like that. Clearly WITH HINDSIGHT I would love the buyback to start now at this price.I of course just want a million dollars too.

    Without the buyback being initiated then, management would not have had the cajones to pull the trigger and double down with ANOTHER 200M at below 55. Again, they, just like you and myself, HAD NO CLUE as to where the stock price was going to go. All management can do, just like we can, is decide when they feel the stock is sufficiently undervalued that a buyback would be worth the effort. What the stock market does with managements decision and the stock itself, is THE MARKET. No rhyme, no reason. It does what it wants and we need to be patient and wait stuff like this out. But when the buyback is all said and done, the avg should be around 45/share or lower, and 5 years from now when our EPS are through the roof, as a result of the buyback and hopefully reined in sheepskin costs, you will be bowing to managemnt. But I don;t believe you'll be here 5 years from now let alone 12. You're a #$%$ arguing OVER HINDSIGHT as if you were a genius for seeing that it would be better if management bought at 30 instead of 70. Thanks for explaing the obvious. You're VERY smart.


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