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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 2, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    New Year same old Jimbo......

    But why the hostility Jim? You are the epitome of what is seriously going wrong in our society...people who think its okay to act the way you are online BECAUSE YOU'RE ONLINE and nobody "really" knows who you are here(as in real life). So you can be this disgusting person to everyone when "nobody" is watching and then in your "real" life go and be this other person.

    In mental institutions, they call those people schitzo's. Yet I don;'t believe you are one. I just believe you are like others who act that way, believe it is okay to act this way online.

    You aren't proving anything to us, can you not see that? Seriously? All we are seeing is someone who has repressed hostility from "real" life and believes it is justifiable to realease such hostility to online, as if we are all comuters and not human beings behind these usernames. Really disgusting and art of the reason I stay away from a lot of peole; you never know who is someone like you(pretending to be something in real life but something entirely different behind a veil/curtain).

    One day you might slip up in real life and that mistake is going to cost you. Better to be one real person than some smart alec on a message board who hasn't proven anything and enjoys being hostile and anti-social.


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    • Just call him RaisenNUTS please.. he likes the name better

    • You just can't face the reality and bash the people who are against your pipe dream. Just can't admit how wrong you are because of your stupid ego. Let's face it. You didn't make money on this #$%$ but still living in pipe dream. Only thing you can do is giving your stupid moral support to your fellow idiots like froggy. Good luck to you. That's all you gonna get. lol

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      • I don't need to get anything from you. I'm not surprised by your immature actions; like I said, its becoming "normal" in our society for people to be two different people online. It's a sign of immaturity at the least and serious mental and social problems at the highest that would need to be dealth with by a professional. Nobody bashes people who come on this board for being negative.

        I and from what I have seen from all the others have used facts. All the "negative" peole screaming how UGG was dead and that is why. Well, this winter has already roven that UGG is far from dead.

        Fact: UGG was MOST SEARCHED FOR ITEM online this holiday season. It's an irrefutable fact..All you're doing is coming on and being anti-social and hostile, from which you obviously get some sort of high or relaease or you wouldn't repeat the behavior. You get off on being a nasty person. It doesn;t take a psychologist to see it. It's clear human behavior; we are not wont to repeat behaviors which don't feel good. You clearly feel good about being disgusting. Pretty pathetic and immature. But you're right, ignore the constructive criticism and retend I'm the on thats nuts for pointing out what is obvious about yourself. That would be the mature and intelligent thing to do. Part of being anti-social is not understanding or caring how you're behaviors imact other peole. Hence, you.


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