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  • sizzla.kal0nji sizzla.kal0nji Jan 6, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    Jan/March OI

    shut up u maniacal message board poster.
    How did I complain?

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    • who the f complained? u go on this rant that has nothing to do with anything posted. u don't say anything about the options or who is moving this stock. get a life loser.

      my last post i said i would turn 10g into 100 with this stock. well guess what my jan calls that i paid 1 for sold for 10 two weeks later. go f yourself

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      • lol

        "how's this gonna play out? how long can they keep this thing down?

        Also, has anyone ever seen a more manipulated stock? They get this going even more than the coal stocks. I didn't think that was possible."

        If that isn't complaining I don't know what else is. Every week another one of YOU LOSERS comes on the board and whines about how they can't believe just because...IDK why actually...but I I guess you guys think because you pressed buy on scottrade then the stock should now immediately do nothing but go up. Anything outside of your EXPECTATIONS is manipulation or craziness. Get a clue...your two shares are not worth much to the market and the market does not go according to YOUR personal feelings.

        Sack up.


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