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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 12, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Management-Keep buying back shares please!

    We are at 5 year lows this week despite our revenues being up more than 130% from 2008 and our net income u the same. Our net income is not as much as a result of higher sheepskin costs, so on a relative basis, our prices would be even higher. Nobody knows how sheepskin prices will shape u but if they stabilize or head down(management indicated they were coming down), then our profits are up way more than 130%.

    So management, keep using our cash or borrowings to buy as much of our shares bacck as we can. 5 Year lows, just absolutely ridiculous for the number 1 searched brand during the moneymaker holiday season that makes or breaks companies. Number 1 says everything.

    Borrow to the hilt please and buy as many shares back as we can. It will look "bad" debt wise for a few years but EPS wise, we will be through the roof and in 5 years from now, debt should be paid off.

    C'mon, just keep buying it all back.


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    • I like the way u think. What if 5 yrs from now and it only worth $25 a share. R u going to hold for another 5 yrs? I am long over a yr now, I hate this stock so much (word can't describe). I wish I can sell all my shares, willing to take 25% loss . Good luck to u Indian,!

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      • I have a hard time believing this company if it were producing the same numbers as it is today(will be much better) that the company wasn't bought out or at the very least using the cash to buy half the company. The Eps will be through the roof at that point it is highly improbable. but it all depends on what the numbers are. based on today's numbers and the projected growth, I can't see us as not worth at least 5b.

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