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  • siriadvisor siriadvisor Jan 18, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    China Retail data & coldest winter in years

    Don't mean to be a party-pooper, but I've given-up on "Winter-as-we-used-to-know-it"! This Winter isn't the "coldest in years", at least not where I live! Highs all in the 50's this week! We haven't had one day where the high wouldn't get above freezing...and even for the mid-South, that's wimpy!

    In fact, we've even had some record temps, in the 70's recently! How 'bout then apples?

    No, I think global warming, alarmingly critical polar ice-cap melting, the burgeoning middle classes world-wide, the hyperbolic industrialization of the planet, is taking its toll!

    Too bad, b/c as a kid, we used to have so much fun, sledding and playing in the snow! It saddens me to see the assault on Mother Nature that has ensued, and the disregard for the sacred northern lands, from the mowing-down of the boreal forest to construct hugely energy intensive tar-sand energy production, with talk of pipelines running out to the West Coast of British Columbia (The Great Northern Pipeline) across critical Spirit Bear habitat, to even the Keystone Pipeline across the Ogalalla aquifer, to talk of an ice-free arctic, where oil shipments can "happen all Winter-long"! Lest we forget the proposed Pepple Mine in Alaska, that would create the largest, most toxic, open-pit mine in North America, endangering (bad word really, destroying-decimating more appropriate language) some of the most pristine Salmon habitat left in the world, at Bristol Bay Alaska. And for what you ask? To enrich foreign shareholders of Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Northern Dynasty Minerals! Sick, sick, sick proposals! A world removed from nature and weened on an X-box!

    Scary the disregard humans have...for other life-forms, for the Natural-World and natural order of things, and even history! It wasn't 100k years ago, you had giant buffalo, American camels, Mastodons, and Mammoths drinking water out of a lake at Snow Mass, Colorado, and now what? Ski lifts, cars everywhere, more lodges and the American Dream run rampant! Of course, many theorize that the retreating (and Natural) Ice Age was largely responsible for these animal's disappearance, but I think it highlights the ever-changing nature of our planet, and holds a valuable history lesson!

    Funny how geology will have the last laugh, and Gaia might not be pleased with what she sees!

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    • Siri, I love how global warmers are getting all hyed up off less than 200 years of recording history. How long has earth been around? Right, and you think that our meddling can really have such an effect in 50 years. No way.

      Global warming is a crock. Just as the swine flu epidemic was and most things are crock. The world goes on kicking. As far as species going extinct or whatnot, yea its sad, but in 100 years, YOU will be extinct and it won't matter one iota. The world will still be around whether you are here or not(not).

      Peole get worked up over such ridiculous things. If the world ends, it ends,. Stopping "global warming" is not going to save us from any other numbers of things, say like a big asteroid knocking us to bits. Chill and go live your life. Focus on problems YOU can solve, don;t waste your limited time with issues bigger than you, me, and virtually us. Nature is one big mother. She doesn;t need your help.


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      • "The Earth is flat I say...the Earth is flat like the horizon, can't you see!"
        It's a hoax that we're closing-in on 7-billion people...
        It's a hoax that ice-caps are melting at alarming rates
        It's a hoax that drought has strangle-held the US and other regions around the globe with record world temperatures being made daily; Austrailia just created a new "heat-map" for 129-degree, where they had no such design before...
        It's a hoax that we had 1-billion people in 1804, now we have 7-billion and there will be an estimated 9-billion by 2046----and it's a hoax to believe that such population growth and industrialization has any effect on natural resources...
        It's a hoax that species are going extent at alarming rates
        It's a hoax that urban-sprawl accounts for lots of pollution and inefficiency!

        Thank God not every-one is a 'block-head", devoid of an understanding of our Natural World and it's systems and need for balance and preservation!

        Thank God some people would rather not burn coal unabated and have catalytic converters on their vehicles...therefore we can breath!

        Don't be a "hoax" yourself and wake-up and get-off the X-box. My advice is to get-off the "it's all good brother, hoaxing ignorance train"! Get-out into the world and see what's really going-on and turn-off FOX news!

    • So..... basically you're a tree hugger on the wrong board then......

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