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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Jan 18, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    should we blame options again ?

    I think I've invested DECK before you even discover it. Yes, there is value investing but these companies you mentioned are also hot speculative companies. AAPL is definitely reached the height with iPhone 4 and Job's departure signals the height of their cycle. I'm not condemning the company but I think the stock will take many years to return to $700. Just like MSFT, they are still making billions but their stock is not going anywhere.

    Don't you know that Wall street is the biggest casinos in the world ? You're already in Las Vegas but in a much bigger scale. I hope you're not trying to justify holding this stock since you don't want to take a loss.

    DECK's management had a chance to motivate the investment community. That is part of their duties as senior executives and that is what the Board is paying their to do. They had a chance in the conference yesterday and they failed to do so. They could invest their time in a special presentation at their headquarters for the investment community. Why do you think we're getting the downgrades ? It is done for a reason. Yes, their Uggs are selling well and it is winter but what about their other brands ? Just like AAPL, so much revenues are hindered on the performance on one line of product. If for any reason Uggs is out of flavor, then DECK will be in trouble.

    DECK, Under Armour, SKX are hugely speculative stocks and rode up to unrealistic values when their products were favorable. Now that the dust has settled, what we're seeing now is their true value. Any mishaps on inventory with send DECK down even further.

    I used to be an investor but with so much manipulation in Wall Street, I've turned myself into a trader. Swing trade on this stock is best for the short term until the company can fully convinced WS that they can continue with their high growth.

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    • Chkpfbelieve! Well written

    • You are just D-U-M-B! "Due to Wall Street being maniulated, I don't invest anymore, I just trade". If you believe it is manipulated, how do you think you can make a buck "trading"? What advantage do YOU have? You are not privy to news before it news, you are not inside on any company thatt trading would give you the advantage.

      You are a joke. The board, bear witness to the crock that is "trading". Traders don't make money. If you made money as a trader, you would not be on this message board nor would you be trading for yourself. If you were that great, you would be working with the best.

      Trading is a joke and anybody who has the time to post during market hours is not a real trader as those other guys, from GS and MS, are watching their three monitors for different price movements in many different industries and markets.

      So you my friend pretend you make money. You pretend you are knowledgeable and I react with such vehemence because you guys are like cockroaches. You pretend you are something but then display your dumbness with comments like "the market is manipulated so I ddon't invest but I trade" as if that makes any more sense than investing if the market is manipulated. You are putting yourself in more danger by trading in a manipulated market than were you to just invet as at least with investing, there is some basis. With trading, a iece of news ddoesn;t mean a stock will react in a certain ay no matter how good or bad the news. Welcome to the market. Dumb money.


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