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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 20, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    Insider buying and what it means

    Exactly CEWjohn, these guys don't make any money. They see guys like warren buffet and lynch and realize(at least they should) that it took these guys time and being contrarian to get great deals. I don't believe we are contrarian with Deckers; I think a lot of people can;t make anys sense of the valuation much like most can't make any sense of Amazons OBVIOUS overvaluation. But the market is irrational longer than peole stay solvent and investors always forget this or don't understand how irrational it can be. It is why I stressed that we could lose another 50% from this point, because literally anything is possible.

    I don't waste my time on the peole who yell back. I dealt with that for 2 years on the UA message board while the stock climbed 200%+ for the last 26 months(I sold out a week and a half ago) and they were all proven wrong. The ones who know the least often yell the loudest, with no real input. They don't bother me as they come and they go. They know they are losers but if it hels them let off some steam by pretending they know anything and are even remotely successsful, glad I could help. They are unfortunatee, but there are plenty of them.

    Those who read the post and who strive to educate themselves regarding companies and the market and its irrationality understand what I am saying and that is why I share it. Not looking to be a fan favorite because the second these guys start agreeing with me, then I have a problem ;)


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