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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 25, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    I love the losers who disappear

    That is correct. I liked it at 82.63, and I've shown how much I have loved it as it got cheaper even to the low 28 after the last 28 earnings. Am I not vindicated? we are up 50 exactly from the bottom set 3 months ago, if that. I have never wavered and I have been averaging fown the WHOLE TIME. My avg is now in the mid 50's. I am not done accumulating the maximum number of shares I'd like to hold. I'm still averaging down because it is not about the pennies you make my friend, it is about the thousands I will be making once I have totally accumulated what I have wanted to and the stock performs as expected.

    Most rational people know and see this stock is undervalued. It is short term fools like yourself who get all giddy by market irrationality and think it is all about being right EVERY DAY. You don't know anymore than I do come monday where we are going, but I do know that earnings are going to be much better than expected in the coming earnings report as well as the 1Q of 2013.

    I also know that cold weather is our friend,. I also know how much the market once valued us at certain prices and due to margin of error, how much we can expect to be valued at SOME POINT in the next 10 years. I am not looking to be right tomorrow. The gain to be had is minimal as I stated I am still accumulating shares.

    You make nothing Jimsmith and everybody on this board knows it. You don't state how you "know" the market is going to move in any direction; because you don't.

    You are a fool and think that because you attack with holier than thou posts based on unsubstantiated evidence of success that you are somehow better. You are a loser and know nothing about investing. It is why in 5 years from now my life will be different due to my homework and success of my investing and why you will still most likely pretend you are something you are not. You're not fooling anyone. Anybody day trading(the few who are actually successful somehow) are not taking the time out of the day to comment to peole on message boards. There is too much information to process unless they like you, are just gambling and making blind bets, and always hoping it goes in the direction of such bet. You are a sad loser.


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    • I told you guys don't bother with him.. He is just trying to get you to defend your position, which you don't need to.. Even if you lose money on a stock. Ignore ignore Ignore the Raisennut.. He will eventually go away!
      GO DECK!!

    • It goes along the message of teaching a man to fish so that he can fish for a lifetime.

      The same goes for fundamental security analysis and rational decision making. As a 26 year old I can teach value/fundamental investing others, but no one will listen to me while I am gaining a history behind my investing. However, by the time I reach a certain age, those who neglected the advice I gave after studying for years will be in the same boat they were back when I first gave my investing advice.

      People are fickle when it comes to holding onto money. As the Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is the root of all evil...", it is true to this day.

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