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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 28, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Deckers 5 year return lol

    We think alike Jaques becausewe both understand that this is a serious game and the least educated you are, the easier pickings you are.

    I hate CNBC as much as the next guy with their biased reporting, but if my stock goes down, I don't blame them. I ask MYSELF is this jutified or is the market just ofering EVEN MORE VALUE than before? Is tere better value elsewhere and thats why people vacated? Does the price depression due to their vacating offer me the same or more value tan I could get elsewhere?

    I also make sure before I make an investment that no matter wht happens I can remain solvent and even averag down if the valu is still there and I did not make a mistak. But th Apple message board has all these people crying and blaming cnbc. I undestand the pain, hello, I have been invested in DECKERS th last 13 months lol bu I don't blame CNBC, I blame myself for not seeing the more limited value at the entry point I initiated.

    Let's keep helping each other. Any good reads let me know and vice versa.


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