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  • jimsmith201060 jimsmith201060 Jan 31, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    DECK is REALLY messing with Indian's stupidity. lol

    Look at how DECK does whenever Indian post his stupidity. It tanks. Today is no exception. Before Indian posted his stupidity, DECK was trading $40.80, then boom, the stupidity came out. DECK is moving lower. lol

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    • I'm not a huge fan of DECK and have been warning people since it was in the mid 80's. However although I totally disagree with Indian and Jacques, I do feel bad for Indian. I think he is young and a fairly new investor who hasn't learned from the mistakes that many of us have made over the years.

      DECK had a great product with UGG and Teva. Last winter was a warm winter and boots did poorly at what does DECK management do? They raise wholesale prices by 15% and require the retailers to purchase new fringe categories in order to be able to buy the classics. Big mistake.

      Now this winter is a bit colder however the cold and snow came basically after the boot season was in the books. Indian and many of the longs get all excited when the temps dip....but nothing that happens now will affect DECK's numbers...those are in and done for this year.

      Indian brings up a few good points however right doesn't always mean positive in investing. Emotion plays a bigger part and Wall Street isn't comfortable with DECK right now. When sales dip in the US, Indian screams about increases in Europe and Asia. I laugh at ever post that says "I say a pair of UGGs on the street today". What does that mean?

      Anyway I do feel sorry for Indian and only hope he is smart enough to have a diverse portfolio and not put all his eggs in one basket.

    • So wrinkled nuts, how much did you lose this time. We all know that you must have had your "stop loss" point, (you won't trade without one... your words) and based on all your trades it hit. Is that why you take it out on people in here? You can't stand losing most of the time... sad little raisins.....

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