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  • gjtgjt34343434 gjtgjt34343434 Mar 1, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    I own Park and Jim...

    So much fun o watch them lash out as they were proven long yet again. As a former holder, I'm rooting hard for you longs....

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    • First off, slavery was outlawed a long time ago, so hopefully you "own" no one unless you are in a sub-Saharan third world country. You sure as heck don't own me...if my worst error was making a mistake on this company and still having it benefit me with an options set I was holding, then I am doing very well. Secondly, I lost no money and am simply sitting on Jun Calls at this point. Third, I NEVER said I was simply inferred from my devil's advocate approach that I noted the company has issues. l have pointed out more times than I can count that I only do strangle/straddle plays on this stock - it is volatile and moves.

      You were right on the squeeze, i was wrong. And that is fine, I win some, lose some...but now you do make me wonder "as a former holder." You are confusing me here - it seems you are extremely bullish on the company, but yet you exited on the what should be only day 1 of a proper short squeeze. If the fundamentals are so well set, this should spend this week moving to 50+ if shorts are still so eager to cover. Just food for thought.

      I am not going to sit there an hold a result was fine - I had a small chunk in my IRA that I exited at 45 from a 41.80 buy on Wednesday (you can believe me if you want, but i figured it could probably move to 43 or above and if not I could DCA down). And I exited my puts at a loss, a couple calls though outpaced the puts for March for a meager profit overall (played 37.50C, 42.50P), and I am just sitting on the Jun calls. If this continues with a full proper short squeeze and not a one day wonder, then I shall exit in the next couple days. As usual, this proved to be a decent strangle or straddle play.

    • "As a former holder"

      who was too clueless to hold the stock and lost out on 6%.

    • " As a former holder"

      and whining loser

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