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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 26, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

    Present value-future cash

    The only formula that matters, used by the great Warren Buffet. The great thing is how OBVIOUS the cash this company produces and the ridiculous valuation it has for it. I also have been shouting this information out for days before the Earnings and some people may have seen an oppurtunity to mess with those who bought and try to shake them out.

    But they can't force one to sell their shares; they can only try and shake the tree as hard as they can(how they have this unique ability unsettles me sometimes and how they get away with it) but as my experience has shown me, it is sort of like the irrational behavior of a baby when it doesn't get what it wants.

    It screams and shouts as if that is a great counter arguement to rational reasoining and clear evidence of why a stock is worth much more. They shook the tree today; they screamed and shouted. It did not change the fact that revenues are projected to grow 7% which is an extremely conservative estimate, nor does it erase the fact that the company is learning from the last two years(2011/2012) how hurtful sheeskin costs can be and are making investments to mitigate such fact.

    Nlone of these facts are erased because the stock declines 10% in a day. It just makes the facts more and more valuable.

    T-1700 days till cash meets valuation.


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