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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Aug 23, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Show me a better 36 month investment

    Management has stated that they can see double digit profit margins a few years out.

    Management has stated that UGG PURE will provide significant savings and better product to the malleability that UGG PURE offers in contrast to sheepskin.

    Management has forecasted better guidance than previous expected better guidance with 8% growth in revenues as opposed to the originally projected 4%.

    Management is forecsting increase in revenues as a result of more marketing, store growth, lower price points for certain products.

    Warren Buffet has always said "I would not sell anything I own even if someone offered me 3X the amount because it is so hard to find something that makes money consistently".

    Deckers/UGGS has shown to be a perennial bestseller for 9 years now and with the company undergoing its biggest growth initiative yet, along with PURE innovation; UGGS should most defintiely grow.

    People love this brand/product WORLDWIDE and the company is going to make plenty of cash. For 2.06B, bargain of year.

    Don;t let the machines fool you. HFT and Goldman Sachs all have different agenda than REAL PRICE DISCOVERY. They make money off ridiculous spreads and machine trading, not companies reflecting real values. It is all technicals but the lng term trend is up because C A S H rules.

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    • 3.5B is fair value for this stock.

      Deckers should earn about 100M this year.100M/2.06B(current value = 5%+
      100M/3.55B = 2.85%(on par with ten year_

      At 3.55B, one would still get the UGG PURE benefit to bottom line going foward. 3.5B just fair value for full year 2013 in my humble opinion.

      That is 75% from current value.


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      • Any correction is a pure buy. UGG PURE is wind at our backs.

        Under Armour had plenty of lulls over the last 3 years along with some pretty nice corrections....but just take a look at the 3 year or 5 year chart. In the long run, GROWTH + cash speaks loud and clear.

        Deckers now has both again and for a company priced for "dead" at 990M just 11 months ago, it has a lot of time and vlue to make up.

        Just requires patience...then in the blink of an eye it goes up 50%.

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