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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Sep 14, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    What buying stock is

    Buyins stock is buying a piece of a business at a certain price. The stock market(supposedly made up of so many different players yet increasingly obviously made up of "MAJOR HOLDERS") is made up of different companies trading at different valuations and premieums(duh).

    So the goal, the objective of the investor, is to find the business that is CHEAP compared to what it has already accomplished(name brand, world recognized, great revenues) amd what it can accomplish in the future.

    There's coke, there's pepsi, there's mcdonalds, etc. All GREAT business's but not trading at cheap prices(which would offer outsized returns of 20%+). For those who bought those stocks 15 years aho, or 10 years ago, sure the stock is "cheap", as the price they bought in at and its current sales still provide great returns. But someone buying in now is buying a fully priced in stock(due to its being highly followed and highly traded and pretty obvious).

    At any given time, as in any store, stocks go on sale. Nobody is going to hold the investors hold(much like CNBC pretends it is "breaking news and informing investors") of what is cheap and what isn't,

    Guys like Scott Wapner, and all those other anchors have decided to pursue anchoring as their fields of choice, NOT investing. So their knowledge of what they cover is aburdly low considering most of the time they are only following stocks at highs(AFTER something smart investors figured would happen HAPPENS) and lows(AFTER something obvious smart investors who sold higher figured would happen over time SOLD).

    So nobody is going to hold your hand and tell you something is CHEAP. Nobody said DECKERS was cheap at 1B(aside from me and others on this board), and nobody is going to tell you it is CHEAP today at 2B(despite doubling off the bottom and being 50% off the all-time high) despite its being one of the most recognized brands in the world in retail alonf with one of the bestselling and the best cash flow.

    Nobody going to hold your hand

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