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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Oct 13, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    Complete morons on this board


    Pretending that Sams club as another distributor is something to worry about. It is 1 distributor out of many.

    It is another avenue of growth. These guys just don't get it, pretending they understand anything. The news piece on MSN money says that SAMS CLUB is looking for ways to increase its sales as it has been behind competetion like Costco.

    So if you notice, which these geniuses arguing the negative, this is clearly a positive as Sams Club likely approached Deckers and made an offer. Anybody with two eyes can look and see that a huge chunk of Deckers revenues and earnings comes in q4, aka winter/holiday season, and Sams club states that FOR THE HOLIDAYS, they are stocking up on items they think can sell and help them increase their sales against competetion.

    So these negative nillies have 1) no reading comprehension and 2)deductive reasoning.

    The article also states that SAMS will be looking to sell boots under 200. It just so happens that the majority of UGGS boots and slippers retial for 200 or less. This potential/likely avenue of growth will bring more attention to the UGG Brand and down the road, these same people could grow interest in Deckers other products, such as the fancier leather lines they are coming out with these days as well as the other boots that retail for more than 200.

    I don;t see at all this being a negative, especially with Deckers trading for just 2.11B.

    For what can be percieved as Deckers management going all out to get the brand out there, at 2.11B, stock is a bargain which I have been saying for a long time. When you couple international wth, new products, UGG PURE SAVINGS going foward, etc, for 2.11B, as carl ucahn likes to say about things, its a no brainer.

    To pretend otherwise shows 1)person is playing the wrong game or 2) just a short who is peeing his pants.


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    • The boots could sell for $10.00 for all I care but if they're no buyers what good is it? Google fourth quarter earnings or anything close to that. This is not the opinion of two "nillies" as you say but many others. Read and understand your surroundings to better understand or just stay hard nosed with blinders on your choice. Here is just one of many opinions:

      Many retailers still live and die based on fourth-quarter sales. As the third quarter draws to a close, what does the fourth quarter look like and how might that impact local media companies?

      According to ShopperTrak, sales in physical stores in the United States are forecast to rise only 2.4% in November and December compared with increases of 3% in 2012, 4% in 2011, and 3.8% in 2010.

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      • ShopperTrak expects store visits to fall 1.4% during those months. Traffic rose by 2.5% in 2012 after falling 3.1% in 2011.

        In a recent Ipsos/Reuters poll, about one-third of consumers said they would be spending less this year than last on key gift items like toys and jewelry. Additionally, about one in four respondents plan to spend less on clothes.

        There is much speculation on why this is true — anemic growth in the economy, unemployment/under-employment, uncertainty in world events, political stalemate of the U.S. government, etc.

        No matter the reasons, retailers know the fourth quarter will be tough and have already taken important steps: managing inventory down, promoting holiday items early, and tapping their direct customer relationships with “private” sales.

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