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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Oct 28, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Just take a look at Deck

    as a perfect example of how people just "accept" what they are told.

    2 years ago, we were told by the no-nthings at CNBC that UGGS were a FAD. We were told the brand was out of fashion.

    Just 15 months ago, before the stock went from 60 to 28/share, we were told this and that about this company.

    3 months later in December it comes out that UGGS were the most searched for item during December of 2012. Same year it was called a FAD.

    The company made 89.5M in cash in 2012, the same year it was valued at a low of 990M dollars!

    People know nothing. Only you can uncover the truth and we need people to wake up and take ownership instead of being told how things are or should be.

    This is a perfect example and you all know I have been championing this stock the whole time because I KNEW, because I AM MINDUL and make my own deductions.

    I don;t just listen and get told something is a FAD and blindly believe the person saying it truly knows anything eve if they are older than me. People are just chidren of different ages.

    Somebody can be 60 and stupid as a doornob. Age doesn't equal anything but the sun rose and the sun set more in your lifetiime than it has in mine.

    That is all.


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