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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Nov 23, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    I ask, who is better, I or Bill ackman or John Paulson?

    Clearly they are WORTH more because they got enough idiots to give them money and they got lucky off bets they made in the past.

    But what are their returns? Nothing close to mine. It is just IMAGE.

    CNBC paints these guys as MORE INTELLIGENT or AWARE of something because they got lucky....but do it again is what I say. Do it again Bill and John.


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    • Ok, clearly you have way to much time on your hands. You're getting a little carried away with yourself at this point, I'd tone it down a little.

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      • haha. All they have is an IMAGE. Just look up there average returns. They are WORTH more because they figured out a way to "outsmart" society by creatig ways to get wealthy for the least work. But the returns are pathetic; it is just the amount of money the were able to accumulate and keep 20% of what they made.

        It is called sales. Same reason good car salesmen make money; they sell more cars. These guys just draw in more suckers. People need to be more aware of what a ridiculous industry this is. There ARE NOT that many great investments. These guys are all chasing the same cheese as you and I.

        Guaranteed sub par even negative returns for the vast majority. But people have been conned into believing in "diversification" and other such nonsense not realizing their accounts are being eaten by fees.

        The richest people are not the ones investing in hedge funds, it is the guys who get lucky and who managed to finagle enough moey from people to go and gamble with. These guys risk nothing because if they fail; they could just try again or eventually just do what other normal people do; join the actual workforce and achieve something for someone else.


    • Most people will make less than 2M in cumalitve earnings in their lifetimes.

      So figure out where they spend their money(by looking around) and you have a valuable company. I OWN shares of a valuable compay taking a nice protion of peoples hard earned money.


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