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  • reality90210 reality90210 Dec 2, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    Dear Shorts

    I know, I know you keep trying, but you have to understand that the "fad" is not over. In fact DECK is expanding. Now, a practical short such as yourself would understand this and cover, but you, the genius that you are, want the stock to come down immediately, or you keep pouring more money into it.. so I ask you ? what is indeed your credit line??
    because the reality is this, I will be happy to take a 1% increase daily for the next several weeks as I see no signs of this slowing down anytime soon..

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    • It is over. q3 rev was less than 3% better than last year, and they guided q4 down. Even aapl has more growth than this turd. Stop deluding yourself. The only reason the stock is still running up is because of short squeeze, nothing more.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • ok.. so when is it happening ? 'cause it sure hasn't happend yet..

      • You just have to sit back and wonder what's going through someone's head to call this stock a "turd". It's been one of the top performing stocks in the last 14 months, and is up over 100%. If that's the definition of a "turd", then please, someone help me find some more of them because there isn't enough "TP" to wipe up the profits I'm sitting in.

      • miramahi, as the guy who has the answer to everything.

        1)stock might need to catch its breath after this point as we are going into the end of the year and there should be some proift taking along.

        The flips die though is more money managers buy into this due to how well we have done because as we all now know, wall street doesn;t really built the market, but they need to keep painting it to their "intelligent" investors that they are investing in the best stuff(even if a large percentage of that years returns were already had). So they can be buying this up to make their stock list look all nice with the popular names they are now hearing talked about all day.

        2) Something that people seem to just not understand is that they don;t quite get what happened here over the last 24 months. $$$$ got ugly. Sheepskin started getting out of control, weather was not being its usual weather self, and interest rates became so absurdly cheap that nearly every stock paying a dividend beat it and made a lot of stocks uglier in comparison when it came to "risk".

        But now interest have gone up 80% over the last 13 months. Sheepskin started decling for 2013 by 11% compared to 2012. Management came out with the innovation of UGG PURE which going foward would stem the bleeding and actually bring back some margin. The weather started to play nice and did its job of being cold at the right times last year and now this year.

        Management is growing their international story which should include increase in revenues.

        So yes, the market took away the benefit of the doubt and shorts didn;t help by piling on 24 months ago....but now information has changed and now since the market is foward thinking(right?), the PE needs to go back up based on the resiliency of this brand and managements initiatives to grow revenues and grow profit.

        So....I'm not entirely sure what leg shorts are standing on at this point.


    • youtube/watch?v=QNJL6nfu__Q&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BlAhk3mI5cGayXrwM4fwR3&index=0


    • Dear shorts,
      My friend reality who has been a tropper alongside me has been too kind. I relish every moment of pain you endure during this comeuppance. You piled on this company during its rough period of product costs. You associated a momentary hit in profits with a decline in brand popularity and potential future growth. Big mistake.

      You continue to fight REALITY(both on this message board and the real thing) by continuing to short a brand that has already proven to you; it is here to stay for now. The management of this company with their management of new product, innovation of UGG PURE, and intelligent management of cash in buying back shares of the company, along with owning tremendous amount of shares this whole time you were betting against this company...have proven that you are in over your head and just being pretty foolish.

      I despise you and am relishing watch you burn.


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      • Z and others: I must comment that I cannot understand your hostility toward shorts and your desire to see them suffer. Certainly it is a pleasure to see that they have been wrong. But shorts make a positive contribution to stock markets in various ways, at least of few of which I can mention. One is that they reduce the volatility of a stock by moderating panics and other extreme price movements. They do this by buying a stock to cover their short position, which creates upward pressure on the price in the face of what would otherwise be a greater decline (obviously very positive for those with long positions). They also moderate rapid increases in the price by shorting the stock at those times (which reduces the likelihood of a sharp correction down when a stock goes up faster than it merits). Another contribution is that short sellers sometimes drive a stock price lower than it merits, which increases the efficiency (or rationality) of the market by allowing knowledgeable investors to buy underpriced shares and make money (which we buyers of DECK during the last year greatly enjoyed). Finally, I would note the obvious fact that when shorts are wrong and longs are right, covering by shorts enhances the upward movement of a stock price. So if you know what you are doing (especially if you have a long-term time horizon), I cannot see why you would be hostile to shorts.

        When I decide to buy a stock, I am very glad if has a high level of short interest. This to me bodes all the more prosperity in the future -- if I am right about the value of the stock.

      • no no Z.. we don't despise, we "hang out and smile"; they are like little toddlers throwing temper tantrums, they are cute, we, the adults in the room know what's right and wrong, they just want instant gratification and it DOESN'T work this way!

      • because for a time, I incurred the ridiculously low valuation that made no sense along with the loss of money(be it on paper during that time, but no small amount).


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