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  • uggs8788 uggs8788 Feb 21, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    95 next week

    130 by may.


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    • Not likely now. We may see $90 before earnings but that is little run up fro the $88 a couple weeks ago. At $95 then a 15% move after earning we get $110. If we get $100 first week in March would make me VERY happy.
      Think we have a chance at $96.50 after which nets me $8500. I would take it with a smile. More=gravy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You sure are a cheerleader here but fact is we are down another dollar and this stock has performed poorly the last few weeks even with the cold weather.

      I remember it was $88 before the huge drop a couple weeks ago. I DO think the company will post great numbers but I am not sure the stock will boom as much as you seem to think. How high do you think we will be March 3? I am prepared for more disappointment.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • lol...take a look at Under Armours chart. I was a "cheerleader" there as well. Facts are facts. wall street money managers play a rigged game and do things in collusion in my "humble" opinioon(I know, alert the presses).

        Fact is this brand is 9 years old. Had its best year REVENUE wise. Internationl record revenues. Opening more stores. No doubt they are gaining more than 100% of their margins back from the margin loss of 2010-2012.

        so what the $$$$ is WS pretending?

        Its collusion.


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