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  • uggs8788 uggs8788 Feb 28, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    Those who sell

    yoiu have got to be some of the stupidest mf's out there. Company made 140M+ in cash this year in the year with lowest UGG PURE integration in play and management forecasting 40% integration in the future.

    Add the 10% decline in sheepskin for 2014 and we should see another 8M added on to the bottom line in cash. SGA expenses from opening stores will be a one time hit from this year and will be less impactful going foward on the bottom line.

    lol....just laughable. But I've seen everything when it comes to UA. Same shtick being pulled here.


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    • We will see how stupid you really are. We know for sure you have been wrong but now facts have changed but you refuse to change your view. Let us see how far you ride this down. Mark it. Better stocks exist.

      I now think there is little reason to buy here. At best there is a good 4 months before compelling news could happen unless a miracle buyout of something were announced. Good company but bad stock. Best winter quarter is always followed by a weak quarter. Management screwed you this ER so they can not be trusted.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Better stocks are out there and that's a good reason to sell DECK. Look at NLNK. It's 52 week stock chart has destroyed DECK.

    • There are plenty of reasons to sell. Poor guidance is one. Maybe they know the company sandbags and are tired of the company blowing up the stock so they can "beat" in 3 months.

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      • Poor guidace? Why, because they are making investments in new stores that 1 year from now will have fully paid for themselves, but today post a loss on the bottom line because they had just began operating. Market is supposed to be foward looking. All UGG stores have shown to be is immensely profitable . The new stores being open are being invested in with less money and over head, thereby requiring less money to be very profitable and pay for themselves. Market is not respecting the fact that in one year, those stores will be making the bottom line look better, not worse.


    • So what's the big difference when this stock was selling in the 50's in Sept.? Why not sell and take your profit. It could go right back to a 52 week low. That would be the time to buy back in. This isn't the 1st time DECK has tanked. This is a player only-Never hold

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      • wrong. Timing is impossible. All one needs to do is buy and hold if they believe brand remains relevant. Cramer says he doesn't like fashion. Well, he and the cnbc crowd called UGGS a fad 25 months ago.I think we can say confidently at this point, this has proven to be far from a crod and there is no premium or respect being given for its cash flow and abiity to grow it going. Very shortsighted by the market.


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