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  • uggs8788 uggs8788 Mar 3, 2014 9:17 PM Flag

    Stock is being so undervalued

    tight like a slinghsot. Money managers smelling money. Thy are just margin squeezing, grabbing shares before we go into first quarter. Stock will be 110 by june.


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    • dog is waking up today in the green

    • Back around Christmas, you said you were going away. I knew you wouldn't, but god I wish you would are worse than shorts. If this is over 85 by June you will be lucky.

    • if not much higher. This is being played with as if we don;t already know that numbers in first quarter are going to be gangbusters despite the opening of new stores. This has been one amazing winter and wall street must pay for it for this company or it gets to the point of....what are we actually doing here?

      How is a company called a FAD, facing record sheepskin costs, making tremendous amounts of cash, be trading at a cheaper valuation than 2 years ago when we have information that the company is very relevant, had its best year ever revenue wise, and made more than 150M in cash despite UGG PURE being only 10% integrated and sheepskin only down 11% off the highs of 2012. So imagine how much more cash we can/will make when UGG PURE is integrated up to 40% and sheepskin continues to go lower.

      Just tremendous amounts of cash that the market would be a fool to pass up and not take a risk at these prices. They know it. Just being manipulated.


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      • Don't you ever get tired of posting? I know I'm tired of reading your posts and I own over 1K shares. IMO - management should be paying a dividend instead of buying back shares. I think management low-balled the forecast for the 1st quarter and should be sued if they announce much better then expected earnings. They already have 2 months of numbers so they shouldn't be off that much and yes we know all the reasons why they should be doing better but why aren't they?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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