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  • ronnetrs ronnetrs Mar 28, 1998 10:30 AM Flag

    S&P loves this stock.

    Standard and Poors loves this stock. I have found over time
    that they are the best rating service around. I would
    like to buy it, but it bothers me that the ceo makes over 1,000,000 a year. Is that true?

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    • I agree with the comment(s) that S&P love DECK. Just to expand a bit, DECK appears in at least 3 of their favourable screens:
      1. Small Cap stocks recommended
      2. S&P Platinum portfolio
      3. Special situations (undervalued)
      Don't know what consensus is on S&P as a screening method but DECK seems to have positive multiple correspondences.

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      • Jeeze, how did I get here? This stock popped up
        in S&P's latest monthly newsletter. What criteria
        are they using to screen stocks? This isn't a stock,
        it's a corpse. It's Investor's Business Daily EPS
        ranking is 1919D! William O'Neil says To concentrate on
        stocks with a ranking in the upper 20%, not the lower
        20. The chart's a masochist's dream. I don't
        understand why anyone is even here. You've got a management
        that is plundering this company at the expense of the
        shareholders (where are the shareholder's yachts?).
        Management's behavior alone is enough reason to abandon this
        dog. You've got 8000 other stocks to pick from, and
        80% of them have higher EPS growth rankings than
        For a four page analysis of this company check out

        The sooner you get out of here, the sooner you'll
        stop losing money.

    • Go back and read their annual reports and 10k's. They take care
      of themselves and to hell with the shareholders. Look at all the
      options they gave themselves at low prices. The shareholders
      may very well do OK in this stock, but only if it happens as a
      bi-product of management taking care of themselves. Also these
      guys completely hide behind a PR firm (totally unresponsive I
      might add). Just try and talk to anyone at the company. They
      won't return your phone calls and they could care less. The
      reason their Simple line is down is because the shoes are just
      plain ugly. Also, ask the founder of Ugg what he thinks of
      Deckers management. They sure have done a nice job with that
      brand. As you can see, I have a somewhat negative bias towards
      this company, which comes from years of experience in being a

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      • what is your problem with ugg? my opinion is that deck has grown ugg quite nicely. teva has also grown nicely. the simple
        situation is not as good however and i think simple needs to become the leading deck brand for the share price to move higher. in '96
        simple grew nicely from sneaker sales and clog sales. at this time the simple sneaker sales are soft (not growing like they used
        to) and the clog is practically dead. the simple name is good however deck management seems unwilling to throw big bucks at
        neither developing simple product and/or advertising the simple brand. i think you are right, deck management wants to build their
        own paychecks rather than putting the money into building the simple brand.

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