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  • MarketingAgent MarketingAgent Jul 23, 1998 5:32 PM Flag


    *This isn't a post about DECK, so hit
    Next/Previous if you don't want to read it.

    I am posting
    the following message to increase the awareness of a
    stock. But, I will tell you that nothing in this message
    is false and the company is real and does have
    revenues and patents. In other words, it's not a scam
    stock. I just believe that not enough people know about
    this company and should. And I also admit that I do
    own stock in the company and would benefit from a
    increase in the company stock price.

    CURRENT PRICE: 9-10 cents.

    - Digital printing operations for transfer to
    fabrics. In other words, a faster and better way to print
    fabrics than
    the old screen printing method.
    Has patents with 1 filed
    - Agreements with
    - It is expected that the 4th qtr(April-June),
    will have a revenue increase of at least 200 percent
    from the
    previous qtr and expected to continue to
    increase. The increase in revenue is from the start of
    their digital

    The company is
    expected to finish testing of the 3M printer by the end of
    the month. If the test is successful the company will
    have the fastest digital printer, for sublimation
    printing to fabric, in the world. Read the past press
    releases to find out what that means exactly. You should
    even call the Investor Relations people at
    (212)888-4848 (The Wall Street Group) and ask them about the
    prospects of the company and have them mail you an investor
    package. After doing your research you can decide whether
    or not the company is worth buying.

    Good Luck
    and Invest Carefully.

    There is no Yahoo
    message board for APTX, but there is one on the SI Thread
    (which is not very active

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