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  • brandohound brandohound Dec 14, 1998 8:04 PM Flag

    more large blocks

    Ok already, whats up?? The large blocks look like
    buys, which means maybe the company is buying as part
    of their stock buyback program, and the insiders are
    selling. Probably the best way to screw the shareholders.
    If there really were 150K demand and SOMEONE wasn't
    selling, the price would go up, but it just sits there
    dead even. Or Dead, anyway. Any other guesses?

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    • Could not find any ref: to Deckers (DECK) on links you gave. What's up?

    • Could you provide a better link for your first one.

      Never mind about the compaq link, I wouldn't use one if they gave it to me.

    • The restructure of DOC won't really do much for
      stockholders if DOC can not get a renewal of the licensing
      agreement from Thatcher. What is DOC without Teva? Sure
      they have an infrastructure to facilitate offshore
      manufacturing and a distribution network. But what will they
      manufacture and distribute without the Teva brand?

      best guess is that Thatcher wants a bunch of cash for
      his intellectual property rights. What's the chance
      that DOC can come up with that amount? I think we all
      know the answer to that. Will any other company want
      the brand? Again just a guess but I would think so.
      Will they pay the asking price? I suppose time will

      What can DOC do to make a renewal happen? Again all I
      can do is guess. If I was Thatcher (unfortunately,
      I'm not) I would want significant influence in DOC
      such as a seat or two on the board of directors.
      (Remember the ego issues?) That would mean quite a large
      amount of stock and significant cash to renew. This
      would be difficult for Doug Otto to swallow but would
      probably be in the best interest of the stockholders. This
      would not be as good for Thatcher as an outright sale
      but (ego) he might go for it.

    • Sounds like you have some pretty good sources on
      this whole thing.What you say here makes sense as far
      as the possible "why" of Thatcher's

      I'll be watching to see what else you have on the
      DOC-Teva situation. Might help me decide which way to go
      on this stock in the future.
      Any info/ideas on
      how they'll restructure the management now, or
      approach Thatcher to get a re-sign on Teva?

    • Not 100% sure about all of the "why's" here. All
      I've heard is that problems have been simmering for
      quite a while, and came to a head more than once over
      the past 18-24 months, especially with the upper
      management that was just removed.
      This seems to be borne
      out with Thatchers announcement a while back of
      hiring Sutro for input on how best to set up for the

      Note to Dw_wwok-Interesting call sign you have.Any

    • Otto and Thatcher both have big egos and both
      believe that they are responsible for the success of
      Teva. However, only one owns the intellectual property
      rights and that's Thatcher. This has strained

      DOC has consistently had problems meeting delivery
      dates that were contractual, maintaining quality of
      product; meeting guaranteed sales levels of the clothing
      line and maintaining good relations with the owner of
      their primary brand. This set of circumstances has also
      damaged DOC's relationship with Teva.

      One could
      argue that both Otto and Thatcher are at fault here.
      However, Thatcher owns all of Teva and any damage he does
      primarily affects him. Doug Otto on the other hand has some
      stewardship responsibilities to the stockholders of DOC.

    • I have been reading the message board for Deckers
      for a few weeks and I still do not understand the
      fallout between Thatcher and Deckers.It seems that
      Deckers did a reasonable job buiilding the Teva brand,
      albeit the last few years have been problematic. Why did
      relations between Thatcher and Otto sour to the point where
      the licensing agreement may not be renewed ? I'm
      especially curious as to Shoebiz100's perspective.

    • Ms. Cocopuff,
      From the announcement this week
      regarding the change in upper management, it appears that
      the Board of DOC agreed with the marketplace [ and
      this chat room] that a major change needed to be

      Agenda?- Input provided from industry sources has been
      spot on to date, based in fact, and backed up by the
      company performance [or lack of it, as openly announced
      by them to the press and the SEC over the last 12
      months]. All public knowledge. I asked for you to supply
      the same, and refute input with facts, but appear to
      be getting the current "management PR by-line" from
      your side.
      Continuing to blame the current company
      status on 3 year old issues, when many of the same upper
      manager's were also in place at that time, doesn't fly.
      Management changes announced this week support that

      From your last response, it seems there
      is a personal relationship [and agenda] from your
      side that does not allow objective input or review of
      the situation.
      I imagine that when you go to work
      this week you'll see the overall attitude there will
      be improved due to these changes, or so say those
      that have contacts at DOC.

      I hope that the new
      management, whoever they may be, will turn this thing around
      and let shareholders get back some of what was lost.
      Time will tell.

    • Althoguh the Thatcher-Otto relationship is a
      rough one, if TEVA does not renew it would mean an
      awful load of work for Thatcher. Perhaps it would be
      simpler (no pun intended) for Thatcher to reconsider his
      requirements of Deckers than to find a new licensee or move
      out alone.

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