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  • DeadCatBounc DeadCatBounc Apr 29, 1999 9:19 PM Flag

    Re: Poison Pill

    As was already said, poison pills are put in
    place to disuade hostile take over attempts. They do
    this by flooding the market with stock.
    Deck stock
    has been low for some time, and is trading below Book
    Value (Assets less Liabilities). In most cases a stock
    should not do this. The stock price is supposed to be a
    measure of the worth of the company, therefore, the stock
    price should reflect the book value. When a stock is
    trading below book the assets of the corporation could be
    sold off for a greater value than that of all of the
    stock added up.
    Management wants to save their jobs
    because if there is a hostile takeover, management is the
    first to hit the unemployement line. The best way to
    protect against hostiles is not poison pills but to keep
    the stock price up. Deck managers don't seem to have
    the ability to do this.
    Mean while, the
    stockholders have to deal with incompetant management. Poison
    Pills (a very 80's term, more current lanquage is
    "Stockholders Rights Plan") are very hard to get removed once
    in place, but it is possible.

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    • its in the news section. Where are you looking?

    • I have heard a different story!!

    • Fasten your seatbelts and the captain has turned off the smoking signs - get ready because this baby is going to take off!

    • This is just speculation but here is what I see
      There was a big sell-off on Wed and Thurs. Why? I don't
      know, but somebody knows something, big lots were sold
      on no news. This inturn triggered the daytraders to
      take notice (volume alert and slide in price). I
      believe the recent increase in price is from the
      day-trading. If you read the annual report, it says Q2 results
      will NOT be as good as Q1 results. I don't think
      anyone who has really researched this company would be
      buying at above $3.5.
      I sold into the strength today
      and am looking to buy again under 2.5.

    • My post mentioned several possibiities as to why
      the stock might be moving. They could all be wrong
      guesses. Something is clearly up though, but I have no
      idea what gives. I am thinking of selling into this
      strength. While I believe business must be good (Sports
      Authority mentioned sandals as one of the best selling
      classifications in their footwear department) I think it wise to
      take profits.

    • What insider buying are you talking about? There
      was some insider purchases last fall and winter, but
      nothing has happened this calander year. What insiders
      are trading and where are you getting the

      Otto sold some shares at around 5 last fall and didn't
      buy any back when they were below 2. He must not
      think the stock is that good of a deal or have much
      faith in his ability to strenghten the company (and
      it's stock price).

    • big sell off on Thursday... large blocks sold
      making me think it was insiders. Does anyone have a
      comment about that? Then Friday a lot of selling took
      place at the ask. Does anyone know when the Q2 results
      will be released? The annual report said Q2 will not
      be as strong as Q1 was since most orders are placed
      in the winter. Comments? Do we hold through

      Any word on the Teva license?<EOM>

    • """Even with the decline in footwear (sales), we
      DID see STRONG GROWTH in our casual footwear
      category, INCLUDING SANDALS.""""

      Sports Authority is
      having a tough time. Comp store sales declined 6.4% in
      May. APaine Webber just downgraded the stock.


      Go TEVA!

    • Watch out

      1) E-COMMERCE

      2) TEVA





    • I realize that Teva is the market leader in
      sandales, but how big is the market. I have also worked in
      the outdoor market and sold the hell out of Tevas
      (enough to realize that Deck always ships preseason
      orders late, and runs out of inventory very early). The
      thing to remember is that Teva is not the entire
      Deckers Corp and that the high-end, water sandal that
      Thatcher designed while guiding is only a small portion of
      the companies sales. The general public has no use
      for the Guide style sandal and will be more
      interested in the "walking" lines. These more general lines
      is where the bulk of the revenue comes from in the
      Teva lines.

      If the stores quit selling them
      the majors like REI, Gaylans, NRS, and a few others
      can not carry the company.

      Also REI, NRS and
      Gaylans do not carry Simple, UGG or Picante.

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