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  • Capri2668 Capri2668 May 25, 2009 5:51 PM Flag

    I won't buy this stock ..

    Even it went down to 10cents, ABK or PMI are more attractive than this puppy.

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    • Cors is a different beast then the two aforementioned. This is a strong rebound stock on the smallest of 'good' news. Watch what it did three weeks ago, when they had small news that they had buyers for their condo project. That little news made that stock jump up over 1.25.

      The next news that this stock pulls, will cause a cascade of buy orders elevating the stock to its cap. But, eventually it will level down. But, I truly think at .42 this stock is a bargain considering the news on the capital planning results haven't even come out.

      The Shorters are predicting FUBAR, but, the silence is making me think auditing, and or, ironing issues with the FEDS on its goals.

      In the worst case scenario, they downsize, or re-petition for some TARP, which they never got. There are tons of options. Many of the pessimists are betting against the company and stating bankruptcy, and the crash of the stocks down to a penny. We have seen this stock go down to .09. Guess what, have they filed? No, they shot back up. They are not at Bankruptcy status, nor will they be. BKUNA filed, but they are not in the same boat. The stocks acted similar, and since they have vested interests in FLorida, and in some REITs, the media tied both of them together, and they both got warnings of receivership, but, for different reasons. The stocks has seen some ups in the past week, And they had a sudden surge of shorts, and other manipulation of news media to cause the stock to drop to where it is now. If this stock goes down, buy, it may fluctuate from .42-.38 tomorrow, and hit highs at .45. If it goes to .38 buy, and if it stays at .45 or higher wait till Thursday. Remeber once the news release is out...Too late, the stock already took off 15 min prior to any chance you will have to buy the stock at a low .40 price range.

      Good luck

    • Good choice...I believe so. I also like ABK and PMI much better. CORS won't go anywhere from now on.