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  • goodfellow98164 goodfellow98164 Feb 11, 2011 11:09 AM Flag

    Urgent PC has a superior competing product

    EMKinetics of San Francisco, a company co-founded by Marshall Stoller, Professor at UCSF Medical School, who worked on Metronic's Inter-Stim device and also developed the PTNS method and invented the stimulation device(SANS) used in the Urgent PC product, has applied for FDA approval of a device which does the exact same thing as the Urgent PC product WITHOUT NEEDLES. It is called Non Invasive Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation and it simply uses a sensor, which is simply placed on the foot and which causes the magnetic/electric pulse to affect the same nerve as the Urgent PC device so that the treatment is identical to the Urgent PC device WITHOUT NEEDLES. The sensors are better tolerated by patients, and once the optimal location on the foot is found, the sensor can be placed in the same location in the next treatment by a technician rather than the doctor. Because the nerve stimulation is identical to that of the Urgent PC product, the EMKinetics product, known as TranStim, will be able to use the same Category 1 CPT code for PTNS reimbursement as is used by the Urgent PC product. This represents the next generation of PTNS treatment and it appears that it will be favored by providers over Uroplasty's Urgent PC treatment.

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    • I own another stock, ZAGG, which is a big time winner for me as my average price is under 2 dollars. In fact I have a lot of winners. About a year ago all of this same type of garbage, better product, cheaper, and all the rest was peddled about when ZAGG was in a correction and in the 2 to 3 dollar range after having been higher. It was all crap... ZAGG is now 9 dollars plus and going much higher. Don't let the someone else has something better blues bite you. Its all anti-hype peddled about to separate weak holders from their shares in a a big winner. I've been to this show before and it all crap.

    • It looks like Emkinetics completed a pilot study in October 2010 of 8 count 'em, eight people. No results released as yet.

      the above site said that the study used the following device. "Device: EMKinetics non-invasive Magnetic neurostimulator. Patients will be treated with 12 weekly sessions of magnetic stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve at 20 hz using the EMKinetics non-invasive Magnetic neurostimulator."

      EMkinetics had one prior study which was terminated.

      That one enrolled 4 patients. No results were published. That study used the following device.

      "Device: MagPro R30
      Study treatments will be administered by a commercially available MagPro R30, with a cooled figure eight coil. The figure eight coil is placed directly over the posterior tibial nerve and the MagPro R30 will be activated. The coil will stimulate the posterior tibial nerve at 20 pulses per second for a 30 minute session."

      Someone with greater technical knowledge might be able to decipher that as well as the significance of the completed study which was put on the Clinical Trial site yesterday, 2/11/11.

      The company is currently raising money to support a pivotal study.

      From that document last updated 2/8/11: "Funding
      Raising a second round of financing to conduct a pivotal clinical trial to support FDA 510(k) clearance. The Company is currently seeking interested investors.

      Fund raising; Pre-IDE meeting with FDA"

      Looks like they may have some time before they are ready.

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      • I have done quite a bit of research on EMKintecs. They are about a year away from obtaining FDA approval, and I feel pretty confident that they will obtain that given their expertise and their seeming ability to obtain funding. The question, therefore, is whether the Urgent PC product will be accepted and used as fast as the company thinks knowing that there is a product which will be easier for both the doctors and for patients to use which will be available in about a year's time. Additionally, I understand from my research that EMKinetics may even be considering down the road a machine which can be used at home by the patient so that they don't have to keep coming into the doctor's office.

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