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  • JMP downgraded two days before earnings. Has management whishpered in their ear let something slip out . Scary on why they did they did this. Stock is dropping like a rock as I type.

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    • drspartan Jan 24, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

      I don't think this earnings related as much as the Botox news. The earnings will be boring, so people are getting out ahead of schedule. UPI has it's work cut out for it. Their product works and is less expensive and invasive.....which sadly, is not what the medical community wants to use. This is the problem with Obamacare. You THINK it suppose to encourage the use of the cheapest, most effective treatment. But no, it's really about giving people who don't have health insurance the best and most expensive treatment that everyone else gets. Obamacare won't slow down costs. It will expand use and expensive use.
      UPI has it's work cut out for it. Their product is not glamorous and well publicized. Botox is biiiiiiiig business.

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      • UPI screwed up in 2008 when the CMS code was kicked back. AUA stated that UPI should get their own code and UPI left their clients holding the bag. They should have ALWAYS been working on their own code for Urgent PC. The fiasco that followed was a nightmare and their clients lost lots of money. Urologists don't forget things like that and won't assist you when you need them to help with RUVs and Reimbursement Advocacy. There should be some interesting news coming out of the AUA meeting in May. Let's celebrate Kaysen leaving and look for the new leadership to hire someone with UROLOGY experience.

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