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  • shoogashoat shoogashoat Jul 28, 2010 12:58 PM Flag

    In at .575 out at .71

    I'm definitely getting back in when and IF it ever gets back below .60. Who knows, it might never get there. 23% return in a week ain't too shabby.

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    • Sometimes it doesn't pay to get too clever.

      I remember the first time I made 10K in the early 80s. I had 1000 shares of Telex, and I held it for a month and a 10 point move from 25/sh to 35/sh. I thought I was the smartest person in the world.

      One day about 10 years later I was looking at a long term chart book that showed the period after I sold that stock. It had continued higher to over 150/sh in the next six months. You could barely discern the area on the chart that corresponded to my measly 10 point move. Little did I know at the time that that one stock alone could have made me more money than I made over the next 5 years working 60 hours a week.

      30 years later, I still make that mistake at times. Not always, though.

      "Throughout all my years of investing I've found that the big money was never made in the
      buying or the selling. The big money was made in the waiting." Jesse Livermore

    • Nothing wrong with just trading these days.

0.0472-0.0008(-1.67%)May 23 3:46 PMEDT