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    Graphite: A Diamond In The Rough For Investors?

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    • and here ya go....


      Date Registered: 10/13/09
      Date Modified: 10/04/10
      Expiry Date: 10/13/11


      Northern Graphite
      Greg Bowes
      290 Picton, Suite 201
      Ottawa, ON (CA)

      Administrative Contact

      Northern Graphite
      Greg Bowes
      290 Picton, Suite 201
      Ottawa, ON (CA)

      Technical Contact

      Northern Graphite
      Greg Bowes
      290 Picton, Suite 201
      Ottawa, ON (CA)

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      • SGS provided the following services to Northern:
        • Independent sampling;
        • Independent laboratory tests to validate grade, flake recovery and graphitic carbon assay; 25
        • Independent diamond drilling and sampling of six drill holes;
        • Differential GPS survey of the new holes and a sector of the topography;
        • Acid generation tests; and
        • Metallurgical testing and assaying.

        The proposed mining operation by Northern could be one of the largest graphitic crystal flake hard rock mining
        operations in Canada and certainly the nearest in terms of a supplier to potential North American markets.
        The Bissett Creek Project has a mineral resources inventory that could sustain production for more than 40 years and
        potentially a larger scale operation if market conditions warrant.
        SGS believes that the capital and operating costs assumptions considered in the preliminary assessment contained in
        the Technical Report are of the correct magnitude for the project and within the accuracy required for this level of
        SGS believes that drilling, sampling and testwork as well as site investigation work are adequate for this stage of the
        project; development concepts are viable, however, more diamond drilling is recommended to increase the level of
        confidence in the resources and better define the real size of the deposit.
        Metallurgical testing will be needed for the selection of machinery and to increase the recovery of the larger size
        fraction, which in turn will yield higher market prices.
        Based on drill results from less than 10% of the overall Bissett Creek Project area (total area = 3,250 acres), the
        indicated and Inferred Resources provide a solid base with a recovery of approximately 658,000 tonnes of graphite
        in this preliminary assessment. Average grades within this resource range between 2.2 to 3.1% C. Using a plant
        capacity of approximately 2,500 tonnes per day, the projected mine life at these grades is approximately 40+ years,
        before allowing for any additional resources derived from further drilling on the Bissett Creek Project.
        In addition, the Bissett Creek deposit is characterized by its structure as a large flake, crystalline graphite deposit
        and has been found to be free of many of the chemicals or contaminants often present in such deposits. This profile
        will assist in improving recoveries and reducing overall processing costs. Accordingly, based on the actual resource
        estimation and current market fundamentals, SGS concludes that Bissett Creek may prove to be economically
        attractive. Applying a discount rate of 10% yields an NPV of approximately $75.6 million before taxes and a
        corresponding projected IRR of approximately 24%. Given this economic profile, SGS’s recommendation is to
        proceed with a pre-feasibility study.
        The budget for the next phase of work is as follows:

        Bench scale pilot plant testing $100,000

        Exploration and infill diamond drilling $400,000

        Pre-feasibility study $250,000

        Environmental and permitting $500,000

        TOTAL $1,250,000

    • my email to northern just came back as failure can't deliver.

      FASTMONEY, I will teach you a trick here, with this situation.

      i have bought and sold hundreds of domain names over the years, and when you need a source of 'certain contact' try this.

      Go to and type in northerngraphite, the window should tell you that, that particular domain name is not avail. Now near the top of that window you will see (get info) click on this, and you will usually get a valid email addy for the owner or corporation.

      Simple lol, give it a try

    • I just sent an email to ZNZorthern Graphite to ask when they expect their IPO to start. I will post here if I get a reply

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