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  • ldk139 ldk139 Jan 10, 2011 12:36 PM Flag

    How many folds has Rare Earth metal price risen recently ? Visit for answer

    Gold, silver, copper,etc have seen great price appreciation recently. But Rare earth elements price have increased many folds recently. And Lynas Corp (LYSCF ) has reportedly signed 8 agreements or contracts for multi-year supply of REO to customers at the multi-folds increased high prices.

    Some seem to worry about REO price possible going down in the future. I think it won't go down in the forseeable future, but go up. But even if the REO prices go down in the future, LYSCF's signed contracts already set the prices at the current high levels. So what's to worry about ?
    Just relax and watch LYSCF profit rising.

    Please go to LYSCF company web site and find out and verify how many folds of price increase for REO and at what high prices this company have signed contracts with the customers.

    You are advised to consult your adviser and do own research and verification on this topic and not to rely on contents of this posting. Trading this stock is very risky and may lose some or all your money.

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