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  • wish_for_fish wish_for_fish Jan 10, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

    Think the opposition isn't backed by China?

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    • I dont know if this proves anything. However, I would bet dollars to donuts that there is definitely some money from the PRC that gets funneled through some of these Chinese expat groups in Malaysia to Fozzie's PKR party. If I were the BN I would be going over their donation conduits with a fine toothed comb and if I found a single dime, id put it in every Malay paper that would run the story. That would be the best way to discredit her.

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      • there ya go!
        That would bust her mutton!

      • It is not creditable to assume China isn’t actively opposing Lynas. Trouble is in identifying exactly where that is happening. For instance, the ruling BN group is composed of 13 member parties but has 3 major components, UMNO, MIC, and MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association). Health Minister Liow who said he will file an appeal by Jan 17 because, “We need to obtain expert opinion first on Lynas’ radioactive waste management plan before proceeding” is also Pahang MCA chairman. So even though the ruling party is generally seen as quite favorable to Lynas, I am less certain of all BN components since one of the 3 major parts of BN is Chinese (MCA) who presumably could be influenced to favor China. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. In any case, Liow is a leader in the Malaysian Chinese Association.

        It is unclear to me if Liow intends to get expert opinion on record before the Jan 30 AELB decision, or if he seeks another delay. Liow said, “We will appoint experts to give us their views,” after chairing the Lynas rare earth watchdog committee meeting. I had not heard of this committee and can find no reference to it (yet) in any of the Malaysian newspapers. Evidently, there were several Chinese community leaders in attendance.

        Obviously, BN cannot afford to alienate one of its major components just before an election so MCA will have a big say in how the Lynas app. proceeds. I’ve been researching Liow’s articles and opinions attempting to get a read on him. He is a pretty impressive guy. Appears to be a straight shooter. He may be hardheaded but that can be a plus if he comes down on the side of science, he is capable of advocating strongly for that position and sticking with it. Remember, the Cabinet Ministry, who meets weekly, will discuss the AELB decision and Liow’s views will definitely be listened to. I wouldn’t know if China influences him. I hope not. He is young, aspirational, and smart enough to realize he will rise no further in Malaysian politics w/o the support of UMNO and MIC. My guess is he will come down on the side of LAMP approval as a team player with UMNO and MIC. I don’t think he would be one of the 23 Cabinet Ministers if he wasn’t. But I have been wrong before.

        Liow has a Facebook page maybe someone who plays in that space (NL?) would post a him question concerning when (date) he expects to receive expert views on the health safety features of the Lynas plan. He will answer; this guy is no dupe. Jan 30 is a Monday; the Cabinet usually meets on Fri. Wonder if they will take up the Lynas issue on Friday, Feb 3, another good question to ask him? A more important question to ask Liow is if the Cabinet votes or rules on the AELB decision or is the AELB decision merely accepted and the temporary license granted. Possibly, the AELB will withhold their Jan 30 decision until the appeal by Liow is resolved. Another good question.

        Help us out here NL… “You have not because you ask not” Can be as simple as that. Good Luck!

    • Hell,the Chinese eat their own pets-there is nothing too devious they won't do to maintain their dominance in the REE market.

    • Interesting video.
      My biggest concearn about the Lamp facility is security.
      It would only take a well placed explosive device to cause a shut down of the process, until repairs could be made.

      I hope that NC and company have a real good security plan in place, so that this event may not happen.

      The video shows a perimeter fence in place,(around the LAMP) that can be breached very easy.

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