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  • NEWGUY7001 NEWGUY7001 Jan 30, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    Malaysia Is A Fine Place To Do Business.

    All good reasons. OK, now what is the backup plan if this doesn't work? Take this as discussion, not a critical assessment of Lynas.

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    • There is no back up. A plant of this size is a one shot deal. There is plenty of opinions on both sides. I believe science is on Lynas’s side and eventually will win out. The rad material is Thorium look it up it is easy to handle Alpha emitter half life of longer than earth has existed. The opposition runs around with two headed fish and 3 headed chickens. All done with photo shop. And even if real not one Gram of material has been shipped yet. There are many risks and benefits with this company. I think highest risk is 1.8B shares and falling REE prices, with warrants may be over 2 B shares. Second highest is unclear picture of what is going on with construction. It being high risk you should not invest unless you believe. If you have doubts stay away. I am still invested but have taken a little off the table. Reason is, time to market. Prices will fall once Lynas and MCP are both on line. With latest slip Lynas will not come on line much earlier than MCP. This is my opinion not documented schedules. This will reduce the time they have to take advantage of higher prices. I am not worried about license.

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