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  • NEWGUY7001 NEWGUY7001 Mar 18, 2012 9:10 PM Flag

    I Hope LYNAS Has Plan B Well Under way!

    There comes a point where Malaysia is not going to be worth the cost and delay. Anyone familiar with Malaysia knows this is all political BS, but LYNAS is loosing it's advantage with each passing day. IMHO!

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    • NewGuy: Think of it this way. With each passing day Lynas is getting closer to the completion of the LAMP, the ratification of the TOL, the announcement of the Seimens/lynas JV and the acceleration of the share price upward. Do not be discouraged over these tempoary delays at this juncture!!! We are almost there!!! The protests will not stop Lynas. The government invited Lynas into Malaysia and Lynas has spent millions of dollars in Malaysia. Hundreds if not thousands of jobs have been created and there are many more to come. The multiplier effect of Lynas on the Malaysian economy will be significant. And remember: Petronas is the largest company in Malaysia and it needs lanthanum for its cracking process to create gas products. Lynas has a supply contract with BASF, the largest chemical company in the world to supply it with lanthanum. And the BASF/Petronas JV is one of the largest if not the largest companies in the Gebeng Industrial Zone where Lynas is conveniently located. Foreign investment will continue to flow into Malaysia when it sees that Lynas is successful despite all the protests. Rees are a growth industry and a green industry. Malaysia will be in the forefront of Ree distribution in Southeast Asia through the LAMP. So do not despair. Lynas is on the cusp of doing great things for its shareholders and the entire Malaysian economy. The well educated investment community and the government clearly understand this. Lynas will be very successful. Just hold on!!!

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      • I have a large position and have no intention of selling. I also have experience with doing business in the Pacific including new site development. All the things you list are positives for Lynas. In the meantime LYNAS needs to understand that China is behind the unrest over the LAMP startup. This is not some local folks bankrolling and driving the protests. A successful company always has a backup plan.....just in case we need it. What is the LYNAS backup plan?

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