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    New "tent city" for Himpunan Hijau

    Authorities sealed off the containers, so now the "smart protestors" have decided to set up tents on the same site! Just saw a video with Fuzzy right in the mix of things! Probably her narrow minded idea to erect tents. This group is trying very hard to get arrested. I'll bet they want to get thrown in the slammer just for the publicity! But authorities are being easy on them to avoid just that. IMO

    Himpunan Hijau has set up tents near its base camp site in Balok, Pahang which was sealed off by the authorities yesterday.

    "They may have sealed off the containers but we are in the process of constructing two 20 by 20 feet tents at the adjacent land.

    "Whatever happens, we will use this site for our event tomorrow," said the movement's base camp commander Rafar Ahmad.

    anti-lynas base camp 231212The base camp (left), initially consisting of two 10 feet by 20 feet containers which serves as a command centre to coordinate attempts to block shipments in and out of the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp).

    It was sealed off by the Kuantan Lands and Mines Department after a two-day warning to dismantle the structures expired. The containers sit on a privately owned land.
    Prepared for the worst

    Rafar said the newly set up tents may face similar problems with the authorities but the movement was prepared for any possibility.

    "We will wait and see what they will do. We will respond accordingly," he said, but declined to provide details.

    Himpunan Hijau will kick off its 300km drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan tomorrow that would culminate in a ceramah on Lynas' rare earth processing plant doorstep.

    The green convoy is part of a series of campaign against Lynas' rare earth operations in Malaysia coinciding with New Year's Eve.

    Activists are concerned that the waste produced by the factory may contain radioactive residue which would have adverse effects on the local community.

    Lynas, however, has insisted that the plant is safe and the radiation levels of its waste is low.


    Just some more fun reading over the weekend. Wonder how that little hunger strike is going? I heard one of them got sick and had to back out already! And if I was a good booky, I'd take bets on the odds of number of vehicles that will actually show up for the "huge motorcade". Ha! Any ideas Vern?
    We can always rely on him for a new "twist" on almost anything! Ha! I guess I'm just getting in the mood for a good New Years Eve tomorrow night. Enjoy!

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    • It was a ten year old girl, what "movement" allows children to take part in a hunger strike? And let us not forget, the Australian Green party in coordination with the anti lynas political opposition has been at the forefront of putting Lynas down, they should also bear some responsibility for the results.

      I read on another msg board that according to a networkedblog site there were pics of hungerstrikers getting food parcels or stuffing their face with food. That's dedication for you!

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    • Well, not really. But about 11 of them reportedly have shaven their heads bald to draw more attention to their cause. Read this:

      Activist on a hunger strike at Dataran Merdeka against environmental
      degradation today shaved their heads to further drive their point.

      Tan Woei Tian, the spokesperson for Malaysian Youth Against Public Hazards
      who organised the hunger strike, said one women were among the 11 people who
      went bald.

      "It symbolises people returning to the righteous path and starting a new
      life in conjunction with the New Year," he said.

      The one-hour balding ceremony was held at a park beside Dataran Merdeka and
      near the Kuala Lumpur City Hall headquarters at 2pm.

      A Buddhist monk was invited to cut their hair before they were completely
      shaved by three hair dressers.

      The ceremony attracted curious onlookers and tourists who took photographs
      of them.

      The group have been on hunger strike since Thursday and aims to go by with
      nothing but water for 100 hours.

      They have fasted for 66 hours as of 2pm today.

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      • Hunger strikers reportedly "eating on the job"! Ha! And no one has ever heard of this youth group before the protests! Thinking they might be paid for their efforts! More & more comes out.

        DAP Protestors Caught Eating During Hunger Protest!

        What a bunch of #$%$! These Anti-Lynas protestors attempted to fool their zombie supporters and the press that they were staging a hunger protest.

        Eighteen of these so-called protestors vowed to the world that they would starve for 100 hours starting from Thurs, Dec 27, 8pm but they have been caught having their meals at a nearby hotel!

        They would have most likely ate merrily earlier but an alert reporter from a news portal MYNEWSHUB caught them sneaking off to the Swiss Hotel after entering the 63 hours of purported fasting.

        When the press were present, they acted like they were drained of energy and tired but the minute the photographers went off, one by one, they also disappeared – for their makan!

        The absence of these protestors had aroused the suspicions of the reporter, who quietly followed these protestors, mostly DAP members, to the hotel nearby.

        In fact, he exposed food being delivered to the protestors at Dataran Merdeka where the charade was taking place!

        The protest was supposed to end on New Year’s Eve, according to organiser Tan Woen Tian. The pro-opposition Malaysiakini had given them extensive coverage claiming they would not eat but merely drink water during the protest.

        But the best part is chief agitator Wong Chin Huat – a permanent feature in all street protests – has also not been seen at the hunger strike despite pledging support!

        Stop The Lies would not be surprised if this rabble-rouser is now on holiday with his family or having a hearty meal at a restaurant!

        The protest is organised by an unheard of NGO calling themselves Malaysian Youth Against Public Hazard – probably a front for the DAP!


        So there you have it! More BS from anti Lynas groups. Not a very good showing, on such a large issue that the whole world is watching! And they want business to invest in Malaysia! Ha!

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      • Wong should have been among the group, but he is too vain.

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