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  • jrj90620 jrj90620 Apr 25, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Huge Need for Grid Upgrade

    Article,in today's NY Times,about homeowners buying generators,to have power,when the grid goes down.No links allowed on Yahoo so pasted small section of article below.
    In their recent report card evaluating the country’s infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the nation’s energy network a grade of D plus, which was unchanged from the prior report in 2009.

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    “Investment in transmission has increased since 2005, but ongoing permitting issues, weather events and limited maintenance have contributed to an increasing number of failures and power interruptions,” the report said.

    Demand for electricity has grown by 25 percent since 1990, and utilities may need to spend as much as $1.5 trillion by 2030 to expand and update the nation’s electrical infrastructure, according to the society.

    “We have all the technology available to strengthen the grid, but whether it’s being done is another question,” said Michael Stavy, an energy economist who specializes in climate change mitigation. “Generators are a short-term solution for something that the consumer is powerless to solve, so it’s rational to get one.”

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    • that is due to trees. Lessee ... spend a trillion on stuff that won't solve the problem or hire a few more people to trim trees at $35/hr including bennies?

      Tough call. Well, in the US it is b/c ... in the effed-up US model, "spending" a trillion is called "investment" & the utilities get to earn a double-digit ROI on the "investment" ... paid for by the avg Joe of course.

      Lesson for the day:
      "spending" a trillion is called "investment" & is a GOOD thing
      "spending" a few million in wages is called "expense" & is a BAD thing

      btw, that is aka "Capitalism"

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