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  • mimmish25 mimmish25 Dec 22, 2010 5:27 PM Flag

    Hey, Mark... (part II)

    For an extra $175 I went Boston/LAX/Santa Barbara on United and got here at noon. Staying at same hotel as I did 8 yrs ago, room rates have doubled. That's OK, Satcon was up a quarter today. YAY!!!

    I'm not staying out late tonight, but we can grab a bite if you like. Meet me in front of the Montecito library at 4 pm, I'll be inside if it's raining. If not possible, meet me there tomorrow at 11 am and we'll have lunch somewhere.

    (You're right, we should've swapped cells. Didn't realize you had unlisted home phone)

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    • Sure, your right, I'll just stop marking her posts. Her public discloures indicate her vulnerability and Knaevite. I wish her well and hope we all mak a bundle with SATC.

    • In about eight and a half minutes I'm going to choke my chicken.

    • Careful you do not want to match wits with me. Too much like shooting dolphins in a barrel, they look up at you expecting to get petted and WHAM! They don;t know what hit them.

      I know, I know, everyone loves dolphins, but someone probably loves you too. Am I right?

      Never ever lived in New Jersey, felt like I did though. Especially when someone from there complained to me about someone else, the weather, government and spring flowers coming early.

    • Uh he was from Georgia, it was called a joke and that is what you get instead of cheese when you whine.

    • I remember Slappy...he was a real Debby Downer and he was quite malevolent if I remember correctly. You are comparing apples to oranges. This board has become a beehive of positive informed educated data and opinion. Even when news isn't so great the posters are not berating the company or others. I find most of you very polite and helpful to each other. The older board posters were not as about elitism...
      As for your projection of a less than brilliant earnings report, why don't we wait for the news before we start going off on a tangent of what could be. I'm off to stir the pudding.

    • For the most part I agree.

      But if Mimmish gets to share her personal life with the board, I should be able to share my frustration about her sharing her personal life. To be honest, I really do view this whole thing (the board) as educational entertainment. I sort of miss the days of Slappy and his antics.

      I think this week's action was great, and considering the most recent news about expansion and hirings, I think we are in store for some great news concerning revenue expectations for this coming year. I think the (wonderful) analysis that was laid out here several days ago might be much closer to the truth than the official analyst estimates.

      Hopefully we will see 400mm+ revs for the year. At the same time, I expect earnings to be a dissapointment, considering the fact that management will probably be pouring even more money into expansion and R&D. Hopefully revenue growth and market share growth will drive share price growth.


      P.S. No hard feelings Mimmish, I think despite your elitism, you do add to the board.

    • ez, wish you were here. Nick's single, funny, handsome--you'd round out our table tonight.

    • Will you guys give it a rest and do a happy dance about the fact that it touched $4.80 today! If Mimmish chooses to share her adventures that's her choice and if we choose to read them...meanwhile we are all here for one reason(on this message board) to watch our investment. And I for one am glad to have seen a real breakout this week. For that I'm thankful and I hope the rest of you are as well. So please stop acting like school kids or there will be no figgy pudding for anyone!

    • Having dinner shortly with Mark and his friend Nick at the Four Seasons Biltmore.

      Ya think SATC shareholders are gonna hop a plane to Branson? For a buffet?

      My elitism has made me delete you. Have a nice life and enjoy your grits, odd-lotter.

    • Yeah Jk. He was probably just picked on by someone from Jersey when he was a kid and assumes everyone was like that guy. Oh yeah, he doesn't judge other people right?

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