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  • sindseald sindseald Feb 11, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    WHAT A BARGAIN!!! $4.70 ( The bargains just keep getting better !! )

    Load up !!

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    • Well hopefully they will have something positive to say before earnings. This should be stabilizing.

    • This has always been a volatile stock, it went on a great run, and now it's back to testing its 10 week average, as all stocks do from time to time. Here's hoping it doesn't fall too far beneath it. This is all happening on relatively light volume, which is encouraging, but the bottom line is that there are NO buyers right now. The price drifts south and stalls, no buyers step in to defend the price, so it drifts a little more, and still no buyers, so it keeps drifting.

      We need to hope that there's a significant buyer out there ready to help this thing bounce off the 50 day back into an upward trend.

    • First of all its a 50 cent dip, the last time it did this on no news it popped back up to 5.2. Be patient, all it will take is an early release announcement (Before March 1st)and it will pop right back up).

    • I would like to know the same thing. Obviously we are going to hear nothing from Satcon. I mean I don't expect them to fire off some PR due this recent and continuous drop in share price but the silence out of Boston is deafening. There has been no "real" news of any consequence since last October. I mean how do you run a company for 4 months with nothing of any note taking place that you might consider informing your share holders about. I have watched quite a bit of profits disappear and just wonder how far down it will go. A good portion of those were long term so I could have taken them and gotten back in likely even lower than where we have fallen so far. But I do know that is a part of investing and I do hold a fundamentally strong belief in the company. However anything further negative or really, just not extremely positive, and this could easily fall to $4 or lower. It was a good couple of months but until some good news comes out, unlikely anytime soon from Satcon themselves, I don't see any sudden return to the $5s. Sorry, guess I am just venting some frustration. My other solars are doing good today.

    • This thing is dropping like a rock. Does anybody know who is selling and why?

    • loading up on a money losing venture like satc???
      you must be drunk.

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