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  • dilo133 dilo133 Jul 21, 2011 9:38 AM Flag


    Are we just going to burn more oil to keep A.C. running?

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    • Sorry I confused you. The figure I referenced has to do with the cost of producing a panel that will produce 1 KW not the kilowatt hour charge the utilities impose. Yes my cost per KW is .11 from the power co. Ga. Power will pay you.22 cents per KW if they buy it from you.
      Across the country, the charge from utilities goes from about .o7 to .22
      Hope this clarifies.

    • dilo:

      Who uses oil to make electicity?

      In the US, roughly speaking:

      50% is coal
      20% natural gas
      20% nuclear
      5% renewables
      5% oil

    • norbertdt:

      Would you mind clarifying your numbers?

      Normal utility charges run from $0.10 to $0.15 per Kilowatt-hour for electricity. For example Florida Power & Light charges about $0.12 per KW-Hr.

      Are you saying that solar costs $1.55 per KW-hr?
      And do you think solar dropping to $0.88 per KW-Hr would help increase the number of solar installs?

      I would think that solar is much less costly than $1.85 per KW-Hr or even $0.88 per KW-Hr.

      If I were working up a set of numbers on a solar install, I would factor in $5 per watt for the upfront installation, and then would amortize this over about 20 years.

      I would guesstimate that solar costs no more than $0.30 per KW-Hr.

      What do you think?


    • I'll let you know if we are granted a patent, and thanks.

    • "I just applied for a patent for a non polluting method for storing the energy not needed when the sun is shining and using it when needed."

      God luck with that. Would love to learn more when you can.

    • I agree. Solar cost per kilowatt is expected to decline from $1.55 to .88 within the next year.
      Yes solar is the ultimate and I just applied for a patent for a non polluting method for storing the energy not needed when the sun is shining and using it when needed. Your point of production at point needed dispensing of transmission lines is a good one but I don't think the utilities will go for that unless the GOV"T "bad word" mandates it.

    • More and more they are switching to natural gas (methane). Solar and wind power are still not economically feasible in most applications.

      • 1 Reply to wilkes71
      • I installed solar and am VERY satisfied.Electric bill droped from 700+ to 113.
        In seven years it will have paid for itself. Stae and Fed Tax rebates reduced my cost by 60%
        and I don't have to worry about any increases for the solar power. We all know that natgas cost will escalate with an increase in usage.
        PLus remember that natgas still produces CO2, solar does not. With the cost of solar coming down to .88 per kilowat everyone should use them
        and put an end to the ever increasing charges of the greedy utilities plus saving the environment with no pollution.

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