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  • oc3711 oc3711 Sep 23, 2011 11:47 AM Flag

    just think.....

    5th amendment, 500mm, obama/biden intervening, energy dept smacked down by white house....alot of air time to come on solyndra and presumably just in time for elections.

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    • unfortunately the majority of voters in the US are solely informed by the tv. hannity, oreilly, stewart, etc form the narrative and the day will not arrive anytime soon that the pundits stop stoking the flames of radicalism on either side of the aisle. he who shouts loudest with the most inflammatory rhetoric will get the ratings to stay on air. clearly, the playbook for either gop or dem is to demonize the other side and create the fear necessary to throw the bums out of office.

    • "political bickering prevents anything from getting done" i don't think they care....

    • palin and bush look like geniuses compared to perry.. and i know he's not going to get elected. i'd say he wont even retain his governors seat after this public exposure. pay attention if your going to constantly pick sheet with me.. i recently said romney is the only one with a chance... and that guys a snake too..

    • poop

      I am glad you like perry....but my prediction is that he will remain the governor of Texas.

    • Sounds like fun, but no.
      I live in NYC and I work with people in subsidized housing. This means that my world is constantly rocked by the winds of entitlement programs and liberal excess. So when I declare that I am an Indendent, it means that I may vote for a democrat here, and a republican there. It hasn't happened that way in a while, but it could.
      I think our best course would be to try and reduce the distance our political pendulum swings because both sides are way out of hand right now.
      Like often happens on these boards, (and yes, I've done it myself), our leaders too often attack the individual instead of the issue. It's a better news snippet, but ultimately takes us nowhere.

    • hi rockett.. hey your boy perry looks more like a socialist than obama... of course when he wants to give illegal kids free education its because he has a heart... thats so nice..

    • poop will have a lot of fun all right....

      .....campaign contributions to obama from solyndra execs pay to've heard of that haven't you? SURE YOU HAVE.

      .....Seventeen visits by solyndra to the obama whitehouse...4 just before loan made

      ......$500M of taxpayer money down a hole....gone forever..

      ...yea man...those repubs are real funny...

      HA!! HA!! HA!!

    • transfiguration, lol.. yea i'm public school as well and we just got beat with a board:).. my wife went to catholic school with the plaid uniforms and they received regular knuckle raps and ear tugs.. i agree on the solyndra details, get it out and over with..
      want to make fun of the republicans? heehee... jk

    • No, I'm a product of the public school system of 1960s Tarrytown, NY, but I did have buddies who wore the plaid pants, (or was it blazers?) to Transfiguration School every day.
      I am an independent. I voted for Obama, I remain a supporter, though frankly it is not quite as easy as it once was. Solyndra is small in relative dollars, but can be a huge, huge stink all the way to the 2012 election. So I really do want a speedy but thorough accounting of the whole story.
      The current issue of Solar Today magazine has a very positive piece on Solyndra's progress. Obviously this was written some time ago, but while there were red flags, they were fooling people in the industry too. It it important that we know what happened or it will never go away.

    • lol donco.. love the kncuckles rapped :) .. and agree don 1 failed loan out of like 50 aint bad.. solydra was crushed by china s overwhelming production.. maybe there were red flags but no one foresaw that module prices would fall so quickly and drastically??? idk.. "knuckles rapped " :).. did you go to a catholic school?

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