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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 Nov 1, 2004 9:55 PM Flag

    The 70 seat story

    The new Delta pilot agreement allows a huge increase in 70 seat jets for the Delta connection carriers. My guess is the business will go to Skywest and Chautauqua. I don't think Comair and ASA will get the business- they're to expensive. Time will certainly prove whether I am right...or wrong.

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    • shows how LITTLE you've been informed
      ASA was awarded 25 aircraft in that last RFP
      whether they'll convert any of the CRJ200 options into CR700 options is yet to be seen.

      SkyWest is good, but I see SkyWest concentrating mainly west and ASA eventually removing their 70s from SLC after they've moved them there when DFW closes.

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      • Why would ASA remove their 70 seat RJ fleet from SLC after they close DFW?
        Is the Delta Solution a short term solution to be dictated by ASA management decision making?
        Chances are greater that ASA will expand 70 seat RJ flying from SLC when Delta starts replacing MD-90 and 737-300 aircraft from their SLC base.
        My guess is that ASA will have over 40 aircraft flying thru SLC in the next 2 years. Skywest will not see any Delta Connection flying(70 seat) from SLC, unless they Buy it from ASA!

    • Arnt they losing enough money already?

    • Can DAL afford to have someone else operate RJs?

    • yes please be so....let us create more lower paying jobs...hence the rich become richer and the middle class can expand into poverty. than who will pay fly?

      The "WalMartization" of America...does anybody else see where we are going and how much we really need each other to survive?

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      • All the 70 seaters are to expensive, would be a big shame of DAL got more of these.

      • Its the way of the world. Once globalization took root, its was just a matter of time. There will be a re balancing and inevitable stabilization. On the whole, there is an increased urgency to create skills with and without college degrees that people are willing to pay for.

        The supply/demand for airline travel will not support the wages of the past and there is no formula that showed/shows airlines continuing to thrive without significant changes in costs. There need to be fewer or smaller airlines leading to consistently fuller planes for wages to increase. That means fewer pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, etc. on the whole. If USAir survives, its just an indication that true market forces are still not at work. They should have been out of business a long time ago.

        The interesting thing is that a company like Jetblue can thrive in a very competitive east coast market. Obviously they are doing things that others were not.

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