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  • tomlip2 tomlip2 Jun 7, 2006 5:40 PM Flag

    nobody's talking about it

    Does anybody know how bad it is at ASA? They are not getting the 900's and they have a strike vote coming up.

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    • your correct. There is also a limitation to 30 block hrs in 7 consecutive days. Point being, however, is that the use of the qualifier "only" is inappropriate in this case.

      I sense, perhaps I am wrong, but I sense that some people think this is little. I assure you all that in order to fly 80-100 block hours in four weeks (particularily in a point to point demostic route structure) requires twice that much time physically at work and at least 3 to 4 times more hours away from home.

      It is not at all uncommon to spend 10 to 12 hours on duty and only long 3 to 7 hours of block. Some schedules can be built more efficient. However, once you spread the schedule out over an entire system, taking in account marketing demands connecting needs, etc. it becomes very challenging and therfore pilots spend an awfull lot of time sitting without the engines running.

    • i thought it was 100 a month, 1000 for the year. that would be less than 84 hard hours per month. dkwid, is that true?

    • We can fly 100 hrs a month, but keeep in mind it take at least 2 hours at work to get an hour of block time and about 3 to 5 hours away from home to get that hour.

    • i was confused by your post. the 1st paragraph tells how great life is at asa/skyw. the last paragraph implies you are an asa pilot and will vote to strike because things are so bad. which is it?

      also please explain what you mean when you said "It's been my belief that Skywest wanted to diversify more of it's flying with Delta. Another reason for the buyout of ASA." thanks

    • Just curious... Can someone tell me what the wages are at skyw, other airlines for pilots(new pilots vs veteran)?
      Also, I've heard that pilots are only allowed to fly like 80 hrs a this true?

    • Skywest and ASA both have Captain's that make a six figure income. Both have great health plans and stock ownership programs. Both have outstanding 401K programs. ASA and Skywest want to retain all their employees. They both are comfortable with 20 year captains.

      Concerning the loss of ASA's 70 and 76 seat version RJ's. It's been my belief that Skywest wanted to diversify more of it's flying with Delta. Another reason for the buyout of ASA. That means more 70 seat stuff under Delta. Skywest needed a "reason" or "justafication" for capturing more of this flying. Pilots at ASA not taking a 13% paycut, which is below Skywest rates, is the "justification" to take ASA flying.

      Peter Drucker wrote alot about successful companies to invest in. One of the 4 reasons was "NO arrogant managements". After the last conference call with analysts about the insider selling, management refused to discuss it when it was viewed as a credibility issue. Skywest has over 200 furlouged United pilots going back to United. Skywest has to train their replacements and upgrade fo's. Plus they need to replace the lost ASA crews. I'm hearing they can't fill classrooms early in the upgrade cycle. Furthermore, Skywest pilots have signed over 1,100 cards for a vote on ALPA representation. That's more than 60%. I expect the vote to come in at 70% FOR ALPA. Employees are concerned about the arrogance issue. I'm holding Skywest stock but I'll be payng more attention to overhead supply selling. I don't think Skywest can complete their training cylces and their on-time performance...some serious growing pains while they shave a few dollars from ASA pilots. Completing a flight requires alot of unsupervised work. It's better judegement to help moral. The strike vote would have come in at high to mid 80's%. Now it will come in at over 95%....I was a fence sitter, not any more!

    • capdooley, please expand on your thoughts.

    • the slide down in the stock price from the 30's to 24 would look like a buying opportunity. but before i bite i need to understand the slide. after the acquistion of asa the capitalization about doubled. with the slide we are approaching two airlines for the price of one. i know everyone is crying fuel, $, fuel, $, fuel, $...
      but skyw does contract flying and the fuel compensation is covered on the basis of completed flights.
      da and ual are green behind the gills but they are not coughing up blood lately.
      asa's and rpm's continually rise, but that is not reflected in stock price. skyw looks like a dandy operation but...

    • the asa pilots are in a tough spot. if they get a good contract, they will lose airplanes. if they get a bad contract(in their eyes) they keep planes, keep jobs, and keep flying...but they will hate life i posted long ago, i thought all of the asa 70 seaters would be flown by skywest pilots because of the pay difference. i have heard that is happening with asa leaving slc and the 70s staying. any confirmation? my advice is the same as it has been for years. fly for the regional airline that is growing fastest. upgrade quickly, get pic time, and move on. don't worry about the wages at the regional. the regional is a step on the path to what used to be a great job. there are still good flying jobs out there, being a 20 year rj pilot is not one of them.

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      • The american dream.....oh what a beatiful picture. Everybody should work for free so management can build pools filled with jewels. Keep the investor happy...after all labor is merely a lower class amongst the society of America and they can not possibly think that they deserve any of the stablity of those with money. After all you only need to sacrifice a few years of your life flying a little airplane and than you too will be rich and happy working at a real airline.

        What a load of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Who are you? You MUST have a motive for your constant ranting against professionals earning a wage that they can support a family with.

        JOBS ARE NOT stepping stones. We , as Americans work to earn a FUCKING living (pardon my language). Not the other way around, where as you seem to imply that we live to work and should just be greatfull for that.

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