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  • centurionguy26 centurionguy26 Aug 13, 2012 5:18 PM Flag

    hey rahraw

    I am down to have some real discussion about BBX without ol free speech coming out of left field with a barrage of red herrings

    just in the interest of full disclosure I am holding about 1K shares in my Roth with a cost average of around $8 which had I not gotten lucky this march would have been way higher LOL..... no plans to add or sell just going to ride it out, my roth is what it is, my income was, is now and will be all based on my real estate holdings and my stock in a privately held bank, which one of my business partners founded

    I follow BBX because its one of about 20 florida banks I have worked with and my partners still do and its been crazy times the last 4-6 years watching the banking enviorment react and change from the everything that has happend.

    Any way I am still holding on to BBX more now than ever because its no longer a bank and Levan isn't an idiot, I think he has got a few plans up his sleeve still to come, I am curious to see how they play out........ I have learned never doubt someone that rich, powerful and connected, he may have been knocked down the last few years but I think the next round is about to start

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    • "I read, did the math, plus actually understand both the text and numbers."


    • unlike you... I read, did the math, plus actually understand both the text and numbers.

      ...just because you are not smart enough to understand a chart doesn't mean everyone is. It's just a visual mapping of data. It's not voodoo.

    • ok, so then take your free camera and post a pick for us.

      btw, I called the FDIC takeover of the stock FDT 8 years before it happened. I called it to the exact second. ...even God was amazed!! ...but darn, they deleted my message and I didn't take a screen shot. Keep living in your dream world blueamexguy30.

    • So you had one and are so proud that it is even your user name but you didn't keep the old card?

      man you really can't read, I said I kept them just for fun along with alot of the a digital camera one year for christmas, got a $2500 gift card to judith ripka (which turned into $2800 pink diamond earings for my fiance) got a $500 gift card to Barneys NY, and a whole list of other stuff, I charged over 1.3M dollars with them so they were very nice to me........and I have had this username since 08 maybe.......

      back in the day I called the FDIC takeover of the stock FDT to the exact day (Federal Trust Bank (another florida bank go figure) by two months (I am sure that was all luck LoL) wished my old messages were still here

      don't hate me because I am smarter and more successful than you, that is not fair LOL

    • I guess we are LOL, he is coming up with some good stuff

    • So you had one and are so proud that it is even your user name but you didn't keep the old card?

    • LOL-I never post on any boards, but I found the exchanges between you two to be very entertaining, so I felt the need to jump in and join the fun.

    • "we are starting to wear him down"

      Isn't it funny that you both showed up at the same time? both are absent from this board on the same days? both show up and have a back and forth conversation at the same time? ...and rahraw has only posted to this board?

      ...hmmm... starting to think that your "friends" are just as imaginary as your centurion card.

    • I guess, but again I don't have it anymore (well I kept both of ours but I closed account)......still have boxes of all the stuff they would send out as free gifts, not going to lie I miss that sucker and being upgraded to first class 3 out of 4 flights for free if we flew commercial....oh well

    • My point is that he never had one. He could post a picture of it, since even he says it's not valid anymore. ...then I could make fun of his bad Photoshop skills.

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